Our Maremma Puppies at Kiayranda Lodge.


  UPDATE NOVEMBER 2006 - both doing very well, much loved companions.


UPDATES APRIL 2005 - Both Missy and Faith are lovely puppies, they both now come when they are called, and always follow me around when i am dealing with the horses around the property. Faith is very wary of strangers but friendly and loving with me and tony. Missy is friendly toward almost everyone!

 This is Faith....(she has larger eyes and a smaller head)      This is Missy....(a slightly larger and people friendly pup)




On the 22nd of January 2005, Tony and I went for a long drive down the mornington peninsula to look at 2 Maremma puppies. We first looked into the stable they lived in and fell in love! they are very big white dogs, but they are just so cute and very affectionate, and we can already tell they are very smart, and also independant when left of their own.


We call them Missy and Faith. They are both 7 months old, and came to us from a lady who could not put the time in to training and upkeep due to ill health. Their coats are a bit matted to start with, and they need to go to the vet to have all their shots as they were not completed as puppies, and they also need to have their claws trimmed. They have not yet been trained to walk on a lead, so thats one of the first tasks, but they come when we call them most of the time (when it suits them!) but they love to go for a swim in the dam, and a run around the property, but most of the time during the day they are just sleeping in the back room, then at night they "Play Guard Dog" barking at anything they can!


They are a bit affraid of the horses at the moment, even though they are very big puppies, the horses are still alof bigger, and i'm sure with time they will learn not to be scared of the horses, but still to get out of their way. We are now looking for information about the breed and how to train them, as they don't seem to eat normal dog snacks.


Pictures of our BIG puppies (a few days after we got them at 7 months old)


the 2 of them laying in our back room... where ever one is, the other is not far away!



And this ones shows how big they are, as thats a normal size doorway!