~Kiayranda Pheonix ~ (Feny) ~

13hh, (2007) Bay SB x Arab Gelding.


     Lilly and Feny a few hours old.                    and Feny as a 2 year old (12 December 2009)

UPDATE FEB 2012 - feny is all grown up! he is only green broken to saddle, but as you can see in the photo, very quiet about it all. he is available for sale/lease and would make a great kids pony, perhaps a 2nd pony, not for a beginner as he is young.


UPDATE December 2009
Feny is very well and has had a bit of a holiday of late! But now being started under saddle.
Here are a few photos taken today, just grooming, trimming hoofs and walking in hand with a saddle on.
Today i was using rope halters and my synthetic 17inch Dressage cut treeless saddle.
He is a lovely little Horse, but unfortunately to small for me to ride so will be offered for sale.

  UPDATE MAY 2008 - Pheonix is doing very well, he now spends most of his time away from mum and playing or rather bothering the other horses!

DECEMBER 2007 - Some photo updates of Lilly and Pheonix, who are both doing very well.

The next 2 photos are at a week old and 2 weeks old.



And the next 2 photos are of him playing and being naughty!


NOVEMBER 2007 - Lilly gave birth to a lovely little bay colt i have named Pheonix. She 'accidently' became pregant to Tyrian about a week before he was gelded! i did not realize that an 18 month old colt could breed, but now i no they can. I was on foal watch with her for 9 days, and i saw the birth which only took 15 minutes at 5.30am on November 17th. I will update photos of mum and bub when i can, they are both doing very well.