21st November - New Photos of Clone, Rogue and Tyrian now on their pages. 

18th November - Magi Has returned Home.


16th October - Niggs went out on free lease to Angela.



20th September - Rosie has now gone out on Free Lease with Stacey.

13th September - Updates now on Quests page with new pictures.



28th August - Georgia competed on Billy in 2 Pony Club Horse Trials. Findon on the 21st

            and Yarrambat on the 28th. Details and Photos are all on Billys page.

23rd August - Photo of Us at the Navigation ride in bendigo now on Lilly and Niggs pages.

            Thanks to "The Worlds best Hoof Oil" for this photograph (which is in Chaff Chat!)

15th August - We competed at Hidden Valley Dressage (Updates on Lilly and Rosie Page's) 

                     - Also new pictures and updates on Billy and Sam's pages.

8th August - Finially put up some pics of our lesson with Charlotte! (on Billy and Rosie Pages)

6th August - Picked up a new Horse Sam, on Aggistment with Billy.



24th July - Candai went to her new home with Heather.

23rd July - Alicia Rode Quest, and Susan rode Rosie at Pyalong Riding Club Rally.         

11th July - Horses who are coming up for sale/lease are now listed on the Classfieds Page

10th July - Susan on Niggs, and Alicia on Lilly, completed the 12km Navagation Ride.

9th July - Susan rode Rosie, and Georgia Rode Billy at a Lesson with Charlotte from AEBC. 

4th July - Updates on Quest and Tristieens pages (with new pics)                    

3rd July - Whittlesea Jackpot Pics and updates on Rosie and Lillys pages.



30th June - New panoramic views of my land added to the Property Page.

20th Jume - Alicia competed at Bulla Horse Trials on Lilly..

           Updates on Lillys and Rosies pages (with new pics)



29th May - I competed on Rosie in Dressage, Alicia competed Combined Training on Lilly.

16th May - Alicia competed on Lilly in showjumping, updates on Lillys page



Updates/photos on Rosie, Clone, Quest, Niggs, Lilly, Billy and Clone pages



Sasha has now gone back to her owner Natarsha in Tasmania.

Libby has now gone out on free lease to Amy from Sunbury, i wish amy all the best with libby.

Rogue Clone and Tyrian's pages now have a link to see their posters.


 UPDATES FEBRUARY 2005 - New Horse Niggs swapped for Baron.


 UPDATES DECEMBER 2004 - Magi went out on lease/trial to a lovely family in whittelsea..



Brumby Slaughter in Queensland CLICK HERE to see and read this horrible story on how councils treat brumbies. CAUTION - this artical contains pictures of the shot horses, and is disturbing, CLICK HERE for a text only version.



30th October - Candai's foal is born, please welcome Tyrian.

* A new horse Rosie, She came from Cedar Springs Horses In Kilmore.


 UPDATES SEPTEMBER 2004 ~ I have now updated all the horses pages throughout this site, as they are all a year older (officially on August 1st) or close to it! Rogue has now been gelded.


 UPDATES AUGUST 2004 ~  i had a party on my property on 21st August for my 25th birthday, it was great fun! I went to riding Club on Lilly and i also started working with Magi Georgia WON her One Day Event on Sasha,


 UPDATES JULY 2004 ~ Updates are on Lilly, Libby and Barons Pages about how they are going under saddle. Also Dude is now sold to a wonderful family, i wish them all the best with him. I Had the Horse Massager Julie Peeler come out to my place and Assess and Massage my riding horses. She Looked at Billy, Baron, Lilly and Libby, and although they all had some sore spots and knots, all of them will come good with some massage!

UPDATE June 2004 ~  I have now updated my property page, with a new map of my place that is very acurate to scale! This map was originally hand drawn by walking around the place (by me!) and then scanned into the computer to put on this site. I had Peter Borgdorff, a horse dentist from the Australian Equine Dental Practice and 3 of his students come out and check 6 of my horses teeth. I picked up 3 new horses Billy, Baron (both mine) and Quest (alicia's) all went well and they are now happy at my place.  

UPDATE May 2004 ~ I had riding club at the end of May, I took Libby for the flat work and Lilly for the jumping. Unfortunatly magestic has lost her foal, She is doing ok and will recover well. More details are on her page about what happened.

UPDATE April 2004 ~ Georgia and Sasha went to Findon Pony Club where a show jumping day was held on the 18th. Georgia and Sasha competed in the Pony Club Grade 5 competition, gaining third place, as well as second place in the points competition. We started doing some jumping on Lilly.

UPDATE March 2004 - Tristieen and Magestic have been confirmed in foal to the Arabian Stallion "Sabtah Shareem" or Shimmy as he is known, from Hartz Arabians, both are due mid January 2005, so they are both also at my place now.  I have added details about my first riding pony Starrlite, check out my past horses page to see her.

UPDATE February 2004All of my horses are at my property.  There are a couple of photos of my fences on my Property PageAlso i went ot my first rallies at St.Andrews riding club (saturday on Trigger) on and Pyalong Riding Club (sunday on Sasha)

UPDATE January 2004 ~ Candai has now been confirmed in foal for a late October foal, (i bought her after she had been served by a black Arab x Quarterhorse stallion) and i have started to Halter train Rogue, he is a very smart little colt. And i have bought another horse...Clone from Shambala Stud!