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Thanks to everyone for visiting! and for all the supportive emails :)

Since starting this website in December 2003 I have now had over 12000 hits at Kiayranda Horses Online!



I have now released my new online store at KindRider.com please have a look!

New Photos of Billy, Lilly and feny are on the horses page, and update on fenys page.

Please check the CLASSIFIEDS page if you are looking for a horse to lease or buy
I Currently have 1 horse available (pheonix $2000 green broken)

I am now renting a house and land so have had to reduce the number of horses i can work with at once, and roman is proving to need alot more work than initially planned, so he might become permanent.

  UPDATES 2010

August 2010 - Thanks to Peter and Sue from Pyalong for giving Song and Tyrian a new home.

November 2010 - I have now sold my land and myself and my horses will be looking for a new home. I have the use of a few acres of land in the mean time but have to restrict the number of horse i have until i find a new property to buy or rent.


NEW December Updates - are now on all the horses pages for Lilly, Clone, Tyrian, Pheonix, Roman and Song
 - Fire has now been sold, and i wish her new owners all the best with her.
- Updates and Photos on Lilly, Fire, Roman and Tyrian

 -  July - Song has gone out on Free Lease to Samara. 
 -  August - NEW HORSE Roman
                 - Rosie went out of free lease to Amanda from Seymour            
 - September - New Photos and update of Roman.



 - June - Libby has gone to a new home. Grace is now sold.

            - New photos of my puppies are now on their page

 - May - Harry has now sold to Amanda and her family, he is fitting right in!

 - April - Pheonix now has his own page, and new photos will be uploaded soon.


 - 27th January - Harry Has gone to a new Home with Amanda

 - 4th January - Ice has gone to a new home with Heather.



Please check the Classifields page if you are looking for a horse to buy or lease


 - 16th December - updates photos for Lilly and Pheonix, Harry, Libby, Tyrian, Song, Fire, ice

 - 1st December - Harrys back is now better and i am beginning to ride him again.

                            - I am currently starting Tyrian under Saddle.

                             - Lilly gave birth to a lovely little colt on 17th November at 5.30am

                             - New shipment of side Pull bitless bridled arrived Kiayranda Online Shop

 - 16th October - finially updated all the horses ages (now a year older)




September - Harry went out on free lease for a few weeks but is now home.

27th August - 1st shipment of Bitless Bridles Arrived and SOLD OUT! check Kiayranda Online Shop.

14th August - Rogue has been Sold to Julie.

10th july - started to setup new section of website the Kiayranda Online Shop. opening over the next few months.

8th July - yesterday Rogue went out on Free Lease.

1st July - I competed on Lilly at the wyena Show Jumping, and at the Bulla Horse Trials.




24th June - Libby came back from free lease, she is now available to a confident intermedite rider only.

                  Have added a small update about Harry, he is now getting much better trotting.

20th june - Rogue has possibly found a new home (being held till 7th July). thanks to all those who inquired.

15th June - Added New photos of Lilly and me at the Combined Training in May

13th June - photos of Harry and his hoofs, photos of Songs hoofs, photos of Rogue with saddle and bridle, photos of Grace and her hoofs before she left, photos of Ice, A photo of my old horse float with a bright new coat of paint (on the about page), photos of my NEW round yard and photos of tree's i've been planting, both on the property page.

10th June - Fire is now 'slightly' halter trained after a week in the round yard

3rd June - I competed on Lilly at the Ballarat and Smythesdale Horse Trials.

27th May - Libby went out on free lease today.

26th May - The Interact page has now been replaced with the services page (button on top right of all pages)

                - The Links page has been cleaned up and updated.

25th May - Ice is now lightly halter trained, i had him in my new round yard for 5 days.

23-24th May - Attended a Clinic with Steve Brady at Greenhills Training with Clone and Lilly.

19th May - Grace went out on free lease to Kat from Woodend.

13th May - I competed on Lilly at the Riddles Creek Combined Training Today.

                - Rosie came home from free lease yesterday.

11th May - Clone had a bioscan session with Kelly from Performance Horse Therapies 

18th April - I competed on Lilly at the Yarrambat Combined Training last weekend.

                - Grace and Libby have both found new homes, thanks to all those who have enquired.

                - Rogue is better now, and getting going under saddle, and offered for lease or sale.

13th April - brief updates on Song and Harry.

                - New Page to say thanks to those businesses who have supported me (CLICK HERE)

                - New page to explain the services i offer. CLICK HERE.





March 22nd - Spirit died suddenly from a suspected snake bite.

March 18th - Trist went to a new home today. I wish them all the best with her.

March 11th - Rogue is withdrown from sale due to a respiratory infection.

                     when he is better and put into work he will be offer for sale again.

February 24th - Today Libby came home from the Free Lease she was one.

                       - Short Update on Fire and Ice (the new baby Quarter Horses)

                       - I now have a Treeless saddle that i ride in, so I'm Treeless, Bitless and Barefoot!

February 17th - I went and attended a Barefoot Trimming course held by Equethy in the lovely settings of Brackenbush Equestrian Center Lakes Entrance. I learnt lots more about how and why to trim horses feet. anyone interested in learning to trim their own horses hoofs should go and do this course. I've been trimming my own horses for 6 years now and i still learnt more from this course. check out their website http://www.equethy.com/

February 7th and 8th - I went and watched a Steve Brady Clinic in Whittlesea, and it was fantastic, i've purchased his book, and practising with all my horses and I booked in to do a ridden clinic in August. I can highly recommend everyone go watch one of his clinics. check out his website http://www.stevebradyhorsemanship.com/

January - 2 of my horses came down with strangles late 2006 - early 2007 (Grace and Tristieen). I immediatly quarentined them and got the vet out, one of them had to have the abcess under her jaw lanced, and both were put on a course of penicillin injections twice a day for a week, thankfully no one else caught strangles due to me quickly identifying and removing the horses who were infected. All my horses are vaccinated (but thats not 100% safe)




 - Friday 29th December - Sam has gone out on Free Lease to Toni.

 - Wednesday 27th December - Updated photos of Rogue, Grace and Spirit.

                                               - Also Updates on Tyrian, Harry and Song     

                                               - Also a new page with group photos CLICK HERE

 - Friday 22nd December - I picked up 2 new Horses, both are 14hh 2yo Quarter Horses.

 - Monday 18th December - Updated pictures of Harrys Hoofs, they are looking much better allready!        

                                          - Updated Photos of how tyrians club foot is improving.                                     

                                          - Updated information on Lilly, Harry, Grace and Spirits pages                          

                                          - New links added to the Links Page, and removed any old ones that dont work.

 - Tuesday 12th December - My Horse Dentist Michelle came to see Harry, Grace, Spirit, and Song today.

 - Saturday 18th December - I went out on a Trail Ride with the Standardbred Riding Group on Lilly

 - Saturday 9th December - Picked up a new horse called Song from NSW. 

                                        - The 3 New Horses Are named ... Harry ... Grace ... Spirit ... thanks for all the sugestions

 - Monday 4th December - New Update on Libby in her new home.

                                       - Picked up 3 New Standardbred Horses on Saturday 2nd December.

 - Thursday 23rd November - Updated all current horses ages. a new link on the home page for balmers blend

 - Friday 10th November - New photos of My Puppies now online.

 - Friday 10th November - New animated Banner on this page, the home page and index.

 - Sunday 5th November - Sam is available for Free Lease or Sale.

- Wednesday 1st November - On Monday 27th of October at 7pm Magi died suddenly.




 - Sunday 22 October - I finally entered my First Horse Trials on Lilly! It was the HRCAV Silver Jubilee 
                             held at Oaklands Hunt Club. We had a great day and successfully completed all 3 phases.

 - Sunday 15th October - I competed in the St.Andrews Navagation Ride with Alicia. 
          Alicia riding her horse Quest, and i rode her other horse Ginger.

 - Saturday 14th October - I Took Lilly in the Standardbred Classes at the Sunbury Show.
 - Sunday 20th August - Georgia Entered Sam in the Findon Pony Club Horse Trials.


The Classifields Page with horses for sale and lease is now updated
A New page on the
Lease to own  payment plans is available HERE.
Niggs is Now SOLD to Angela.


March - New Photos of Clone, Rogue, Lilly and Magi
April - An updated picture of Candai in her new home with heather.



15th February - new Pictures of Sam and a brief update are on his webpage.



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