~ Kiayranda Tyrian ~

Bay Gelding, 14hh  5 year old (2004) Arab x SB x QH


This is Tyrian at only a few hours old (30 October 2004) and at 5 years old (12 December 2009)

 To view a Poster i have made showing photo's of tyrian as he has grown CLICK HERE

UPDATE December 2009
Tyrian is very well and has had a bit of a holiday of late! But now coming back into work now.
Here are a few photos taken today, just grooming, trimming hoofs and walking in hand with a saddle on.
Today i was using rope halters and my synthetic 17inch Dressage cut treeless saddle.
Look below for additional photos of how his club foot looks now, it will never be perfect, but it ok.

above is showing tyrians front hoofs, the left is the club foot and the right is 'normal'

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2009 - Tyrian is currently out of work and looking for a new loving home, as i dont have the time or feed to be able to keep him any longer - BEST HOME ONLY, suitable for light riding only due to his club foot, nice nature, NOT FOR A BEGINNER (as hasn't been ridden in months)
  UPDATE NOVEMBER 2008 - After start tyrian under saddle last year i turned him out for 10 months while i was working 7 days a week in a Racing stables. I am now starting to do some work with him to get him going under saddle. He is a bit lazy, but apart from that all is going well, he is quiet and willing to learn. Here are a few photos of me sitting on tyrian, using an english  treeless saddle, rope halter and lead, bending his head, and walking a little bit.


  UPDATE December 2007 - I am now beginning to start tyrian under saddle. So far he has been super quiet, and just taking it all in his stride. Here are a few photos of him saddled, and in a bitless bridle.


  UPDATE November 2007- Well i gelded him too late as he got Lilly pregant and she had a lovely little colt to him! Also i am starting tyrian under saddle now, he will possibly always be a little bit lame from his club foot, but he is very quiet and i'm sure he will make a wonderful trail riding horse for someone wanting a young quiet horse. Photos will be updated when i find the time to do so (sorry always busy working and riding!)

  UPDATE 27th December 2006 - On the 19th of December a vet from The Kilmore Equine Clinic came out to perform a castration on tyrian, and all went well, and he has healed very well from it, and he is now a gelding, I left him entire as long as i could, but he started to show interest in the mares, and i didn't want all my mares in foal to him!

  UPDATE DECEMBER 2006 - I'll get some new photos of tyrian to put on this page very soon. For now i just want to show how much his club foot is improving. you can see from the photo on the far left taken in february, how high his heel was, and how contracted and small his hoof was, that was as low as i could trim his heel down to at the time, any lower and they would bleed. slowly i've got his heel down to where it should be, and now its really starting to improve. The photo on the far right, show how much wider his foot has become, even in the last month, i'm rather proud that all the hard work i've put into triming this hoof are starting to pay off!  click on the image to open a larger version.

  UPDATE MARCH 2006 - Tyrain is growing up and would only be 1 or 2 inches under rogue now, he is very easy to handle, catch and deal with in every way, which is great seeing he is still a colt at nearly 18 months old. He was born with a club foot on his off side fore. After a year of trimming his hoof at least evey 2 weeks, its opening up and slowly becoming more normal. Here is a photo of his front hoofs taken just before a trim. you can see the hoof on the left in the photo (the off side club foot) is smaller, has longer heels and looks contracted. I wish i had taken photos of when it was worse, but at least i have this to compare future photos too.

And here is a photo of tyrian, eating off the ground after tipping over his feed bin! you can see the off side fore hoof looks red.. it has a sponge bandaged under it with a red sock over it (to keep it on) i do this every few days, to soak his hoof in water, to keep it well hydrated.

UPDATE November 2005 - Tyrian is turning into a lovely young colt, he is very easy to handle, and easy to catch, lead and tie up. he is going to be fantastic when it comes time to start him under saddle. New pics of tyrian in the paddock, click on them for a larger image.


January 2005 - Tyrian is still growing very fast! him and his brother Rogue play together alot and tyrian only goes over to see his mum for a drink every now and then. Tyrian likes to go and bite the other horses until he finds someone to play with, most of them put up with him, some of them chase him away! In this picture you can see him next to his mum, he is getting closer to her height all the time, and his legs are the same length as her if not longer!

November 2004 - Tyrian is growing very fast! he was born about 8 hand high and after only a week and a half he is allready 9.2 hand high! so hopefully this little fella will grow up to be a big boy! here are some baby pics of him...


October 2004 - Tyrian was born in the early hours on saturday 30th October 2004. He is out of the Pinto mare candai CLICK HERE to see her page, and by a Black Quarab Stallion. He is a lovely little Light Bay or Dark Buckskin colt foal, with a white star and 2 white hind socks.

SIRE                                                                                      DAM (with 2 day old foal)