~ Aloha Folk Song ~

15.2hh, 16 year old (1993) Bay Anglo Arab Mare.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2009 - song is available as a brood mare or companion only, she is a nice mare who has had a troubled past, but i unfortunately dont have the time or feed to keep her anymore.

UPDATE December 2009 - Song is well and looking for a new loving home, here are some new photos.
Her only vices are she can be hard to catch, and she is VERY head shy, but once she knows you she is OK.

UPDATE FEB 2009 - Song did go out on free lease for a while last year, but due to personal circumstances her new owner could not keep her horses, so song came back to me and is now looking for a loving permanent home.

UPDATE - December 2007 - A photo update of song who is now available free to good home.

UPDATE - June 2007 - I can now touch all of songs ears and handle her head, but she will still trow her head up and step backwards if i hold her ear softly, as i'm sure she thinks she is going to be ear twitched (which i would NEVER do) i am mainly working on doing alot of ground work with her, getting her to lower her head and relax, while i work on de-sensitising her and handling her all over. I have had a bridle on her a few times now, but i have to put the head peice on, then attach the bit, as i wont be able to put a bridle over her ears for a long time to come. I can put a bitless bridle on her easily, so thats probabl;y the way i will ride her mostly (when and if i do) She is now easy to throw a rug on, as she has realised that they keep her warm!

A photo of songs front hoofs, you can see they have improved, but they still have a way to go before they are 100% as the outside wall still needs to grow through straighter, as it tend to have a slight flair still.


UPDATE - 13th April 2007 - Song's front hoofs are now much better, and i can even trim her back feet now, so they are starting to come along nicely. She is starting to let me touch most of her ears, and i've also taught her that having a rug on is a nice thing and not scary, she panicked the first time i went to put one one her. after having her on some herbs, and gently massaging her back it seams to be much better, but its going to be a long slow road to get this mare going under saddle, as she is just so frightened of everything, but we will get there eventually.

UPDATE - 27th December - A vet from Kilmore Equine Clinic came out and sedated Song on 19th December so she could have her teeth completed by my Horse Dentist Michelle. All went well, and now her teeth are perfect, and she will be much more comfortable eating, and with a bit in her mouth. I asked the vet to have a look at songs back, as she has lots of white hairs around her wither, indicating scaring from a poorly fitted saddle, and she also hollows her back when you apply pressure along the muscles beside her spine. The vet told me that she does have alot of scar tissue, and recommed that i get a massager to look at her back. So i wont be riding at all until i get her back looked at, as it could cause her pain, which will cause vices like bucking or bolting. Song is now much easier to catch, she will sometimes walk a few steps away from me, but usually she will stand to be caught, and i can touch most of her head and around the base of her ears, but she will still throw her head up if i touch her ears. So i will continue to work on gaining her trust around her ears, as it will be very hard to get a bridle on if i cant touch her ears!! Her feet are starting to look better, and alot of bruising is growing down from a flared heel on one front hoof. Here is a photo of songs front hoofs on arrival. you can see they are in fairly good condition apart from the heels, her outside heels are long and flared and the inside wall on the left photo is contracted, they are looking better now, and i'll take some photos soon.

UPDATE - 12th December - My Horse Dentist Michelle came out to see Song today. Song was very worried about having the gag on and her teeth looked at, as she kept throwing her head up and running backwards. So we decided it was best that we wait till next week and have her sedated to have her teeth worked on as she has some sharp edges that need to be removed. My Vet will be coming out to sedate song while her teeth are floated next week.

Song is rather head shy, and very shy around her ears, and the first time i went to catch her it took over an hour! but the second day it only took 20 minutes, and today only took a few minutes. Each day when i catch her i bring her in and spend around 10-15 minutes stroking her neck and face, close to her ears but not touching then yet, slowly teaching her not to be head shy. Next i spend some time working on her hoofs. She is fairly good with her front hoofs, but her back feet she dosn't want to pick it up, and when she does pick it up she tries to run off. I can now hold up each back hoof for 3-4 seconds and put it down with her standing quietly, so i don't think it will take long to have her standing quietly for her feet to be worked on. I'll put up photos of her hoof on arrival and after trims shortly.

I went and picked up Song from just over the NSW Boarder on Saturday 9th December. She has been used as a Broodmare for the past few years, but may have been lightly ridden before that. Her owner is working up the top of Australia, and the stud she was staying at needed the room (due to lack of feed and water.

Song is a Beauitiful looking mare, very dishy arab face, and very pointed araby ears, She is in excellent condition, just has a foal belly that will go away with a little work. She loaded onto the float very easily, and floated home for over 3 hours in the heat with no problems. I stoped each hour to offer her a drink, but she didn't want any. when i let her in with my other horses, she had a trot around, and BOY CAN SHE MOVE!!

Firstly i'll worm this mare and get her teeth looked at, i'll trim her feet up nice and neat,  then I'll slowly start to get to know her over the next few weeks, then over the next few months i'll start to get her going under saddle and she how she goes. Watch for updates!