~ Rosie ~

16hh 11 year old (1996) Bay Black Thoughbred Mare.




Rosie when i first got her - October 2004. and free walk in dressage test 2005


UPDATE May 2007 - Rosie has gone out on free lease to Amanda from seymour.


UPDATE December 2007 - I'm riding Rosie 1-2 times a week now and all is going well, she still will sometimes swish her tail and have a dance on the spot, but all in all i'm happy with her, she is super quiet to handle on the ground.


UPDATE May 2007 - Rosie has now come home from her free lease with stacey. she is now Great to handle on the ground as stacey did alot of parelli type work with her, but she tends to still be a hot head out on trails. She is much more suited to Dressage or Showing as she is great on the flat in an arena. I'll be hopefully taking her out to a few dressage comps soon as i have had a few weeks to start riding her again.


UPDATE September 2005 - Rosie has been fairly hot head the past few weeks, i think a combination of the spring grass and too much hard feed was to blame as i switched her to wheaten chaff, copra, and calm performer pellets, and after 2 weeks on that she calmed down alot. Stacey came up and saw Rosie twice (while she was fired up) and saw her at her worst, running around with her head in the air, cantering on the spot, and rearing! after all that Stacey was still very interested, so i put in alot of work with her the past few weeks getting her working calmly under saddle, and approaching jumps quietly. Rosie has now gone out on Free Lease to Stacey, and i wish them all the best together.


UPDATE August 2005 - I rode Rosie in the HRCAV grade 4 Dressage Jackpot at Hidden Valley on August 13th. We gained 52% on our first test, and 64% on our second test, which i was happy with for her first grade 4 event. I mucked up the first test, maybe a caller will be a good idea next time!


UPDATE July 2005 - I rode Rosie in the HRCAV grade 5 Dressage Jackpot at Whittlesea on 3rd July and we placed 4th in test 5C with 72% and placed 1st in test 5D with 82%. We have now pointed up to the next level... HRCAV level 4.. SO our next comp will be harder!  




Update July 2005 - Susan had a lesson on Rosie (with Georgia on Billy) at the AEBC (Andrew Mcleans Place) with Charlotte. We both learnt heaps, and will be practicing and going again sometime in the near future, as just one lesson with them makes such a big difference!

Some Pictures of Susan Riding Rosie, During the lesson in the Indoor arena.


UPDATE June 2005 - a few pictures of Susan (Me!) Riding Rosie after 2 weeks off (it rained .. yah!)



UPDATE May 2005 - Rosie is now in work, being ridden 3-5 times a week. I took her to riding club and had a lesson, which helped to start to get some bend round courners. Then we had our first competition at the Ballarat Dressage and combined training Day, where i entered the Grade 5 dressage on Rosoe and placed 2nd with a score of 55%.


UPDATE April 2005 - Rosie has now been started under saddle and she is going very quietly, She is a sweet natured horse who is very willing to learn and is very easy to handle. She has a huge big walk and trot and i think she will have potential as a dressage or show horse. Here is a picture of me on her reciently. 


UPDATE January 2005 - Rosies leg is all healed up now, there is a little scar tissue left, but it does not affect her movement at all, and if you don't know its there, you probably wouldn't notice it! Her hooves are taking a while to grow out, but she is now starting to get some good quality horn grow through, and the front wall is just starting to grow down. I hope to start to do some work to get her going under saddle very soon.


UPDATE November 2004 - Her leg is 95% better now, just a little swelling left around the actual puncture wound on her hock, but she is no longer lame, and has beautiful movement, and can gallop quiet fast when hooning around the paddock with her friends, and is a very easy horse to handle. We put a saddle on her to see how she would react (to see if she is trained to saddle or not) and we also put a bridle on her, she was not at all phased about either of them, so a friend of mine mounted her and she still wasn't bothered by it, but when leg was applied to her she jumped forward a bit, so i am guessing that she was tried as a race horse, as jockeys don't use any leg!!

Here is a picture of her all tacked up....



UPDATE October 2004 - Rosies leg is getting much better, and she will limp on it after running around on it, so i have put her and billy seperate from the other horses, so they do not get chased and get sore. And she has decided that billy is her best friend, following him around everywhere. Most of the swelling has gone down and there is only a little bit of swelling left near her hock, all the rest has gone down. She is a lovely mare, and very sooky too, as she holds her leg off the ground when i clean it each day, even though i'm being very gentle and barely touching it (just enough to clean it) Hopefully this mare will come good and then she can be started under saddle, if not then a very pretty brood mare.


October 2nd 2004 - I Bought Rosie from Cedar Springs Horse Rescue in Kilmore last saturday. They had bought her from the auctions a few weeks ago, only knowing that she had a foal taken off her proir to going to the sale yards, as she had a partial udder left on her. As far as they know she is not broken to saddle. She has a few wounds on her back legs, lots of little scratches and 2 rather nasty puncture wounds, which have caused swelling around the hock and cannon bone, i was given some penacillen to inject into her for the next few days to make sure that it dosn't get infacted. She is a lovely natured horse, and really pretty and well put together too. I'll see how she goes with the leg injurys, and if they get better and she is not lame, then i will start her under saddle, if she remains lame then i will breed a foal from her.

This is a picture of her head.....                                   And this is showing the swelling from her injurys in her back leg.