~ Roman ~

15.2hh, 8 year old (2001) Bay Roan Standardbred Gelding.


UPDATE April 2013 - Roman has gone to his new home with Courtney from kyneton, thanks to everyone who asked about him, but he is no longer available, we look forward to hearing how roman goes in his new home (so far very good) all the best with him.

UPDATE December 2009
Roman is very well and has had a bit of a holiday of late! But now coming into work now.
I've only had 1 problem with Roman and thats worming, he will rear and strike, but we are working on that.
Here are a few photos taken today, just grooming, trimming hoofs and walking in hand with a saddle on.
Today i was using rope halters and my synthetic 17inch Dressage cut treeless saddle.

  UPDATES November 2008 - Roman is becoming a friendly and playful horse, he is very trusting in what i'm doing with him even though he is frightened of all new things that get introcuded, like a saddle and rug. He still has a long way to go before he will be ready to accept a rider, but we are heading in the right direction. Sometimes he can be a bit over reactive or stubborn, but learning quickly and always improving, and easy to catch now.

The first photo is me leaning on roman, the second is doing some ground work with a saddle on.

At Liberty coming to me and stoping.

At Liberty going backward and stoping.

  UPDATES September 2008 - Roman is fitting in well with the other horses, He now lives in with everyone else, and to start with the other horses bossed him around, but he is making friends and learning to stick up for himself, He has worn a rug on the colder nights now, and he is still not too sure about havin the rug put on he is getting use to it. He does not wear a halter in the paddock anymore as he is fairly easy to catch most days (with a bucket of food still at the stage!) Some days he will walk away a few times before being caught, but is getting better all the time.

Roman and Pheonix sharing hay........


Roman wearing a Rug on cold days/nights. 


  UPDATES August 2008 - Some photos of Roman meeting the other horses over the fence.


Roman is a sweet natured horse who has a very playful nature. He came from the RSPCA and he does have some minor swelling on his off hind pastern, The leg does not affect his movement, and i will assess and treat this i time, currently i have put him onto a number of herbs to help with healing, reduce swelling and pain management. He has been terribly neglected in the past, but is in good condition and happy thanks to the caring people at the RSPCA.  It took about 2 hours to load him on the float as he only has minimal halter training, but he is such an easily trainable horse.

He had 2 minor panics in the float as we left, but then stood still the whole way home. He was in a small paddock overnight, and the next day he walked up to me and i caught him easily, and walked him down to meet my horses over the fence, that all went well so i lt him go in the paddock next to them, and he bolted around having a great old time!! He is also so playful, as there was a round bale of hay in the paddock and he was pushing it around with his shoulders! 

     swelling in off hind pastern.