~ Kiayranda Rogue ~ (Rogue)

14.1hh  3 year old (2003) Buckskin Pinto Gelding


     Rogue as a 3 week old colt (9-10hh)...                                Rogue June 2004 (12.2hh) ....

UPDATE AUGUST 2007 - Rogue is now sold to Julie who had him on free lease for a short time.

I wish them all the best with rogue, and i'm sure they will do very well with him, as they have so far.

UPDATE June 2007 - Rogue is going quietly under saddle, so far i've ridden him mainly at the walk, and trotted a few times, he has not put a foot wrong, and is a lovely little horse to work with. I have ridden him in a bitless bridle, in a halter and with a bridle and bit. He is offered for sale or free lease to an experienced home, as he is still green, but i'll keep working with him as often as i can until a suitable home is found.

a few photos of rogue with my white treeless saddle, and the red bitless bridle....



UPDATE APRIL 2007 - Rogue had a slight resporitory infection and a virus last month, he was not a happy little horse for a few weeks, but he has now recovered, and will resume training under saddle soon as i find the time! once going quietly under saddle he will be offered for sale/lease to excellent home only.

  UPDATE 27th December 2006 - I can ride rogue around quietly at the walk, either in a halter (as shown below) or in a bitless bridle, or with a standard bridle and tom-thumb bit. Below shows a few photos of me on rogue. the first one shows how i stand on a create and mount on the off side, and the second photo shows me sitting on rogue.


  UPDATE MARCH 2006 - Rogue is going well with his training, he is now getting use to the idea of having a bit in his mouth, and i can now mount and dismount on either side, he has been rather good about it all too, not too worried about what i'm doing, here is a photo of him and trist as you can see he is nearly as big as her! (they are trying to tell me its dinner time!)

UPDATE November 2005 - I am now starting to do some backing exercises with rogue, getting him use to wearing a saddle, as i want to do plenty of ground work with him before i start him under saddle. A few new pictures of Rogue, standing (posing!) and troting. click on either of these photos for a larger image to open in a new window.


UPDATE January 2005 - Rogue is growing so much at the moment, every day it looks as if he got a little bit taller! He plays with his younger brother tyrian all the time, and the 2 seem to be good friends. He is now very easy to catch and lead, although he can be a little stubborn at time, as he is not at all affraid of me, or the whip, or anything for that matter! He has got lovely movement, although he does buck around the paddock when playing, so i think he will be a challenge to start under saddle when the time comes, but he will be almost bomb proof, as nothing bothers him!

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2004 - Rogue is now a gelding. I took him down tot the vet to be gelded on Saturday the 11th of September 2004. He was put under a full sedation, and has recoved well from it. So that will put an end to his stallion behaviour, and his crest on his neck will now stop growing. I floated him down to the vet with magi, so he would learn to float well, and not be stressed (as she had a tooth to be removed) Also i have now scanned his registration papers and you can view these above.

UPDATE JUNE 2004 - Rogue now leads well, and is now weened from his mother, so him and clone now hang around together and play all day long! The above picture was in the end of June and he is with georgia. 

 Rogue chewing his lead June 2004...


UPDATE APR 2004 - Rogue has now been taught to lead correctly from the shoulder, and in a few weeks time after he has habituated to this, i will then begin to teach him to be lunged (only walking) then long reigned.      

UPDATE FEB 2004  - Rogue was very easy to float to my property (where he now is) and he is so friendly now, it was hard for me to take pictures of him as he follows me around everywhere! He is now friends with Clone and Evanda, a friends 2 year old Arab Gelding staying with me. I can now pick up his feet (in preparation for his first trim!) and i also can worm him very easily. He loves to have a bolt around the paddock, and gee he can run, and has quite nice movement and is 11.1hh. He is now registed with the Pinto Society. More pics of him on this page now!

UPDATE JAN 2004 - as you can see from the above picture rogue now has a halter on, and is begining his halter training, he is a very smart little colt and quite easy to train. He is now 10.3hh and growing heaps everyday!

I got Rogue at the Start of December 2003, He was about 3 weeks old, he was born on the 16th of November 2003 at 5am. He is Candai's foal (see her page for more information) When we went to pick him up he was not to keen on going onto the float, he kept running round the side of the float when candai would walk in! but we parked the float in between 2 gates, loaded the mother and as the foal could not go round the float, so he went on. Then i Drove home slowly. I could not get anywhere near him for the first 2 days i had him, as he would hide round the back of mum, and she is very protective of him. After a few days i could hand feed him while his mum ate her dinner, and i can now pat his face, and he will come up to me in the paddock to see if i have anything for him to eat! His Father was a Bay Standardbred, so he is 3/4 standardbred and 1/4 arab. He is just soooo cute!!   

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To view Rogue's papers CLICK HERE for the Front, and CLICK HERE for the back.

To view a Poster i have made showing photo's of rogue as he has grown CLICK HERE