As i sold my property in 2010 (which i owned since 2003) i have now removed all the details from this page, i am now looking to buy or rent another suitable property in the near future, i have a few acres to use till then.

 Round Yard - June 2007

I now have a portable round yard to work with my horses in. this makes life much easier! I have 10 panels that are about 2 meters long each, and as you can see from the below photos there is 3 rails, and the top rail is over 5 foot high, which so far seams great for working with most types of horses. Each panel is locked together with 2 pins on either side, and can have a pegs into the ground in each foot, so horses cant go under and lift it (although this would be hard to do as they are fairly heavy panels) I also have the option of taking some of these panels, in the float, to competitions, to use as a holding yard.

this is a photo of the round yard after i first set it up (photo taken under car head lights!)

below is a photo of Ice in the round yard, i hung rugs on the sides as a wind break.