~ Tristieen ~

14.1hh, 22 year old (1984) Grey Part Arab Mare.


Tristieen April 2003                                                           Tristieen November 2003 

UPDATE March 2007 - Tristieen has gone to a new home with Grant and his Daughters. I wish them all the best with her, and i'm so glad i found such a lovely home for her.

UPDATE June 2006 - I have decided to offer Trist for free lease to a very special home only, as she is a special horse to me (being one of the first horses i rescued) but i am currently spending all my spare time working with my young horses and she is being wasted in the paddock. She is by no means a perfect horse, as she can be difficult to float, and she sometimes pulls back when tied up, but she is easy to handle and ride, many of my friends have ridden her with ease, and she would best be suited to someone who can feed and check her daily, and go on pleasure rides, or light showing (as she is pretty!) below is a picture from last summer of rogue and trist waiting for dinner!

UPDATE July 2005 - Trist did unfortunatily loose her foal (reabsorbed between 5-7 months term) Alicia is riding Trist for me every other weekend, and doing some jumping and easy riding for half an hour or so. This is a pic of them...

UPDATE January 2005 - Trist is now a week over her due date to foal, and for a while i thought that maybe she had lost her foal, she is certinally much bigger around her stomach this year compared with last year.  Here are a few photo's of her, and as you can see she does have a rounded stomach, much more than then last few years i've had her.


UPDATE JUNE 2004 - She is doing really well, and is in a paddock with candai so they can both recieve the extra feed they require. Trist had her teeth checked, which were shocking, and the dentist will be back out to fix them up in the next appointment i make with him very soon. She was actually well behaved for him! She now has a new Pink rug which looks very cute on her. A picture is below of her new rug!


UPDATE MARCH 2004 - Tristieen was confirmed 24 days in foal on the 6th of March, Due to foal on 17th January 2005. She is now now at my place.

When i first got Tristieen back in April 2003, she was extremely thin, had lice, worms, and a dermatitis type rash on her hip bones (her hips bones stuck out a couple of inches) I had a vet check her as she had been running with a stallion, but she was not in foal, and the vet told me she was in reasonable health considering her condition, and that she has had about 3 or 4 foals recently. She was very unfriendly, hard to catch, and she kicked out if you went too close to her back end. I bought her from a guy who had 30 or 40 horses, and he had to get rid of some (due to RSPCA and council complaints) so he trucked just over half of them of to the knackery, i heard of this and went straight out to see what horses were left. After a few months she is now a lovely little horse, and she is even a registered part Arab with the registered name "Kaysand Summer Holly" and she is very nice to ride also, although quite hypo, but she is 3/4 arab!  


This is me riding Tristieen October 2003...