~ Starrlite Mist ~

12hh, 20 year old, Grey Welsh Mountain Pony Mare




 This picture was taken in 1987 when i was about 7 years old and Starrlite was about 2 years old.

Starrlite was bred in the late 80's. We owned her mother Penny, who was a black mixed bred pony, and put her in foal to a Pure welsh mountain pony stallion called Carlisle Saber. She was born very dark grey, nearly black, and as she matured she became lighter in colour. She would be white by now, as she was close to it when she was sold in the early 90's. 

She was sold when i grew out of her (in the early 90's) to a family in the north of Tasmania, who lived near the batman bridge, where she was to be ridden by their young daughter. I kept in contact with them while living in Tasmania, and visited them once as they had some trouble with her, I lost contact with them when i moved to Victoria, but would love to know what happened to her, as she was a lovely little pony, and i would buy her back so she could retire with me if i knew her whereabouts.

She was broken in as a 2 year old, by Andrew Mclean, where I went and learnt to ride, and went to pony camps, and had a wonderful time. I then continued to ride her at Pony Club (Launceston) and did Gymkhana’s on her, excelling in jumping, and games as she was very fast, and could turn on the spot.

Should anyone know the location of Starrlite, please contact me, or advise her owners of my contact details, as i would love to know where she is and how her life is or was.


 This Picture was taken in 1990 when i was about 10 years old, and Starrlite was about 5 years old.