~ Spirit ~

14.2hh, 5 year old (2001) Bay Standardbred Mare.

UPDATE - 22nd March 2007 - Just as she was becoming a really nice little riding horse, Spirit died suddenly from a suspected snake bite. she was in great condition one day, the next she died before the vet could arrive.

UPDATE - 27th December - Spirit is coming along well, i can now run a long handled whip across her rump and down her back legs with her standing quietly, but she swishes her tail alot telling me she is not happy about it, and she will still kick out when i run the whip down the inside on her back legs, so i have still not tried to pick up her back feet. But she is rather well behaved for her front feet to be handled now, and i've almost got them looking good. I'm just starting her under saddle now, as i want to take it slowly with her. I am now just spending time standing on a crate and laying accross her back (from both sides) and occasionally using a stirrup to step up across her back. Aswell as moving the saddle around on her back, and slapping the stirrup leathers against the saddle, and walking/trotting her around with the saddle on and the stirrups bouncing around.

The below photos, show spirit with a saddle on, and me laying across her back. I can put my foot in the stirrup step up, and lay across her back for a short time with her standing quietly. click on an image to open in a larger window.


UPDATE - 18th December - I have now found a website where i can look up standardbreds history.  If you goto  AHRC Online  you can look up any standardbred by their brand number. I have been given permission by Harness Racing Australia to use this information on this website, as it is copyright. Her brand number is s3012025, and she never raced, Her foaling date is 4th Dec 2001, Her Sire: Khans Thunder, and her Dam: Oakwood Valley. The best thing i found out was that Lilly, Spirit and Harry are related! they all have the same Great Grand-Sire Meadow Skipper! and Lilly and Spirit and closely related, as they both have the same Grand-Sire: Genghis Khan. so i'm hoping that means with work spirit might end up as good as lilly!

UPDATE - 12th December - My Horse Dentist Michelle came out to see Spirit today, she had some sharp edges but overall not too bad. She was well behaved, to my suprise she stood still for her teeth to be worked on!

UPDATE - I have now decided on a Name for this mare... Spirit, she has plenty of it and she also nearly became one. I am spending alot of time with her, just running a long handled whip over her body and legs and getting her use to being handled and teaching her to have some manners.

New photos of this bay mare.  (click to open a larger image in a new window)


and some photos of her front hoofs on arrival.


This bay mare is wormy but in reasonable condition (weighing approx 400kgs) her point of hip sticks out slightly and her tail is horrible (looks like a toilet brush and rubbed raw).

This mare has got attitude, she will walk at me in the paddock with her ears back and if i try to touch her she will turn around and throw a leg out at me. I carry a whip in the paddock and she gets a smack on the bum for this behaviour. She has also tried to bite me a few times, but after a few horsebites back, she is slowly learning that i mean business and that i wont put up with that behaviour. She is going to be a handful and is allready testing my limits and trying to be boss over me, she WILL learn that i am boss, but it could be a long journey. 

So far i have wormed this mare with no problems, but when i tried to pick up her front hoofs she struck out forward and tried to run off. So i spent over 2 hours teaching her to stabd calmly while i hold up her hoof. After the 2 hours i can hold up her front hoofs for about 10 seconds each, and run the file over them 4 times. She is young so hopefully we can overcome her dominating attitude, i like charater but not nastiness.

Next i have to teach her to stand still for the dentist, and book an appointment with my horse Dentist as soon as possible. This mare is now in a private 3 acre paddock with her 2 friends, and they will remain there for the next 10 days, so they can be wormed and start to get healthy before they go in with my other horses.


Late on Thursday 30th November 2006, i recieved an email from a friend telling me about a group of nice standardbred horses who were scheduled for a trip on the meat truck saturday. I made a few calls, and went down to see them first thing friday (which was luckily a Rostered Day of at Work!) I selected 3 of the horses, and aggreed to pay slightly above meat prices for them, and rushed home to get my float, and some money. A few hours later i returned to pay for all 3 horses and pick up the smaller 2 standardbred mares, and i told him i would be back first thing saturday to pick up the gelding. The mares loaded on the float easily, and travelled home quietly, the next morning i returned to pick up the gelding, and he couldn't get on the float fast enough, i felt terrible about the other horses standing in the yards, a few had horrible injurys, but others could have been........................ i can't save them all, especially with feed prices so high.


Above is the bay mare and the black mare eating hay in the shed shorting after arriving