~ Sasha ~

14.3hh, 19 year old, Chestnut Part Arab Mare.

UPDATE March 2005 - Georgia has got Billy as her pony club horse, and Sasha has now gone back to her owner Natarsha in Tasmania. We both deeply thank Natarsha for the loan of Sasha for the past 2 years, she has been a delight to be around and ride, and georgia learnt heaps from her. We loved having her, and we will both miss her.



UPDATE January 2005 - Sasha is doing well down at the aggistment place near georgia's pony club, her feet are now growing out and starting to look good again after a farrier did a terrible job on them, causing her to stand pigeon toed cause they were that unballanced, but now i a trimming them regularly and they are starting to look good again. Pony club starts back next month, and georgia will soon be taking sasha and billy to pony club, so that sasha can be retired from jumping and just be the trail riding and show horse if billy works out well for her. Then as she gets more use to billy, and no longer rides sasha, she can come back to my place and be retired with my other ponies.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2004 - On the 13th of november i took sasha and georgia to have a lesson with Warrick McLean, and it went so well and was worth every cent. He is a great instructor, and so calm and patient with how he explains everything, and he sounds just like his dad Andrew Mclean. After the end of the lesson georgia understood how to ride on the bit, how to stay on the bit, and even how to ride on the bit from the leg, quiet an achievement from a 1 hour lesson. Here is a photo of georgia riding sasha with warrick instructing in the indoor arena...

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2004 - On November 6th we headed of to the whittlesea show. Natarsha came over to help, and also to ride sasha in some classes. The grounds were in a mess when we got there at 8am saturday morning, and i was not even allowed to drive onto the grounds due to the amount of rain over the last week, as only 4WDs were being allowed entry, and even some of them had to be towed out at the end of the day by a tractor, we ended up having to get towed of the side of the entry street as we were stuck! The sundays pony club events were cancelled as was some of the show jumping at the end of saturday. The prizes sasha won are; 1st in Best Educated Galloway, 2nd in Pleasure Galloway, 3rd in Riden galloway Mare.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2004 - Sasha and Georgia are doing really well at pony club, and they have won some small jumping competitions in the last few weeks, and they will be going in a show or two soon. 

UPDATE AUGUST 2004 - Sunday the 22nd of August was the Findon Pony Club's One Day Event, and Georgia was entered on sasha in the grade 5 competition. Georgia has been riding sasha regularly to get her fit for the competition. Natarsha came over to help georgia prepare sasha, and she looked a million dollars on the day! Georgia and Sasha ended up WINNING the event, placing equal first with another young girl. They only got 16 faults in the dressage test, Clear in Show Jumping, and a few time penalities in Cross Country. WELL DONE to them both!

This photo below is Georgia on Sasha practicing the water jump at a pony club rally before the Event.

UPDATE MAY 2004 - Sasha is now living near the pony club so that georgia can take care of her, and ride her each second day to keep her fit for competitions and shows. She is aggisted on a 180 acre property in Mernda. There are stables, nice large safe grassy paddocks, and plenty of drinking water, not to mention only a short ride to the pony club ground, where she will attend every rally each fortnight.  

UPDATE FEB 2004 - Sasha has had a holiday while we were on holidays, she was still riden lightly occassionally, but not kept in work. And she got last pony club off as it was a games day, and she is not a games horse (Dude went instead as he is a great games pony!) Sasha is now loving living at my property, as she is the Boss of the paddock, keeping all the younger horses inline, and is always first in line at feed time!

I got Sasha in July 2003, She came over from Tasmania, and came from one of my best Friends Natarsha. I have known Natarsha since I was a young child, and we use to ride together as kids. Natarsha has other horses, and wanted sasha to go to a good home, where she could be used in shows or Pony Club, which is exactly what she is doing! She is the sweetest natured horse, and very intelligent (sometimes a bit too smart!) and perfect for my sister Georgia to ride. They have been in 2 shows so far, In the first show they got a first and a second place, and the second show they got 4 third places. They also go to Pony Club together twice a month.