~ Sam ~

17hh, 13 year old (1993) Bay Thoughbred Gelding.

UPDATE - December 2006 - Sam has now gone out on Free Lease to Toni.

  November Update - Sam is now being offered for free lease or sale. He is a very tallented horse at jumping and can easily and confidently jump well over a meter. he does get hyped up at comps, so he would require a competent rider. please contact me for more information.

Feb 2006 Update

Sam is going well, Georgia took him to the Kilmore show and placed in several classes, although sam was rather hyped up and excitable. He is now very easy to catch and will sometimes walk up to be caught, and he is much less head shy around his ears, and is learning to cope with scary objects and not shy. He has put on so much weight that he looks like a different horse, and certinally has much more energy. He is doing well with going over small jumps, and his hip does not seem to bother him at all anymore.

Now a couple of photos (taken late 2005 at Pony Club) click for a larger image.


August 2005 update - Some pics of sam showing the droped point of hip........

August 2005 - We went and picked up Sam on 6th August, and he is on aggistment with Billy. He has an old hip injury from racing, and his point of hip is 2 inches lower on his near side than his off side. He steps short for the first few minutes, but then seems fairly sound to ride on the flat for a short time, but we have been told that he goes lame if jumped. We hope to build up his fitness and muscle, and see how he goes at pony club.