~ Quest ~ (owned by Alicia on Aggistment at Kiayranda)

16hh, 10 year old, Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding.


 Quest in June 2004.       

UPDATE September 2005 - Quest has now fully recoved from stringhalt and back in light work. Alicia is concentrating on getting him to work forward into the bridle "on the bit" which he is now doing lovely most of the time, occasionally he will raise his head up, but a little push forward and he soon softens and rounds up again. He is also showing nice jumping form, jumping well clear of the jump, and jumping very willingly. Here are some recient pics of alicia riding quest, click the photo to see a larger image in a new window.


UPDATE July 2005 - Quest has now almost recovered from stringhalt, he can walk and canter easily, but occasionally the trot is a little sticky with the first few steps, and is very collected, but improving with time. Alicia is now starting to ride quest, and take him over small jumps, hopefully competing on him soon. here are a few new pics of alicia on quest



UPDATE April 2005 - Quest has unfortunatly come down with a bout of stringhalt. He suddenly one day started showing signs of stringhalt, walking strangly with has back legs, drawing them upwards towards his stomach, and having trouble placing the back legs on the ground. He is now on a herbal treatment, recieving a bale of grass hay, and a feed with just oaten chaff and whole oats (with the herbs) each day, and is showing signs of improvment, as he now only takes 2 or 3 stringhalt steps before walking comfortably. I walk him on a lead each day for at least an hour, usualy longer, as exercise is a key part to overcoming stringhalt.


UPDATE March 2005 - I've riden quest a couple of times now to help alicia with his training, and he seems to be improving all the time, but the more you push him the more he argues, but after he realises you will not give up and he must do as you say, then he is wonderful to ride,



UPDATE January 2005 - Alicia has done a wonderful job with this horse, he was a handful when she first started working with him, and now he is nice and easy to handle, and is even getting easier to catch. Alicia let me have a ride on quest last weekend, I was riding Billy, so we swaped horses. Quest is going so much better, he walks nice straight lines, and dosn't try to stop at the gate as much anymore, and if he does try is easy to keep him moving. I started to push him alot and ask him to work in a round frame, and he argued with me for a short time, we were going sideways and backwards, and then after he got tiard of arguing with me, he felt like a real show pony! He was working on the bit, and his movments became much more balanced and smooth to ride, and he had his nind quarters so far underneath him that i could have almost asked him to trot on the spot! I will ride him this weekend for alicia as she can not.


OCTOBER - Some New Pictures of Alicia Riding Quest...


SEPTEMBER - Alicia was kind enough to offer me a ride on quest. I have now riden him twice.

The first time i didn't ask for too much, just had a play with him, to see what he was like, and what he knows and dosn't know. But i did gallop him on my first ride! He is fast and i was way to tempted not to try to gallop an ex race horse!!

On my second ride, i started to ask a bit more of him, not letting him get away with anything (as he likes to stop working at the gate!) He is very one sided, and will only canter on the left reign, not on the right. I tried very hard to get a canter on the right reign, but he would persistantly go onto the left lead and do a collected counter canter. This is not his fault, most race horses are one sided this way, as when raced, they are only expected to go one way. I also started to work with him to get him working in a more rounded frame, which with LOTS of leg he will do, but you must be very gental with your hands as he does have a sensitive mouth, and dosn't like you touching it much. I also did a little bit of leg yeilding, which at first he moved into the pressure! but he is a smart horse and soon learned what i was asking for. I also did some collection work with him, as he tends to collect his canter alot, which causes it to be very bouncy and up in the air, so i thought i would see how much collection i could get, and it was pretty amasing! He has a very powerful backend, and really gets those hocks under him. And if you ask him to do a faster canter, it will then smooth out, and not be so bouncy. I have said to alicia that lots of circle work and leg yeilding would be great to be able to get him going in stright lines rather than sideways! His downwards transitions are great, but his upwards transitions are still to be improved. He need to learn this.. "when i squeeze with my legs, that means go faster NOW or i will kick you"  and he is learning this principal very quickly, as no horses want to be kicked!!! More updates Later.


AUGUST - Here are some photo's of Alicia Riding Quest .....


JUNE - Alicia has now done some ground work with quest, and successfully riden him, with no drama at all. He is a little bit nervous sometimes, and that can make him be highly strung, but he is a nice quite gental horse, he just needs to learn a few ground manners! Overall he looks very promising and i think him and alicia should do well.

I picked up Quest (previously named Talon) for Alicia on the 5th of June 2004, as he was no longer wanted by the person who currently had him, due to year 12 commitments and some vices he is learning. So he is now aggisted at my place. He was saved from the knackery by Alicia last year, and this person was caring for him until now. Alicia will now begin to train him, and gain his trust, he is a nice looking horse, with nice movements so hopefully with some work she will do well on him.