~ "MidNight Eclipse" ~ Niggs ~

15hh, 4 year old, Black, Standardbred Gelding.


                                                               feb 2005

UPDATE October 2005 - Niggs has now gone out on free lease to Angela, i wish her all the best with Niggs, and if he turns out not to be suitable he can always come back to me.

UPDATE October 2005 - Alicia and Kendall rode Niggs at the Lancefield show, and although they didn't place they had a good day, and niggs was looking good and behaving lovely.

This is Alicia waiting for her riding class....

And Kendal riding Niggs.....

UPDATE July 2005 - Susan rode Niggs in the Bendigo Navigation ride (with Alicia on Lilly)  This was a great event we all enjoyed. We completed about 20 minutes overtime, and answered about half of the questions correctly, we were pleased to have completed!

(LEFT: Alicia on 'Princess Lillian RIGHT: Susan on 'Midnight Eclypse'

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Update April 2005 - Niggs is improving with each ride, he still jumps forward into pace sometimes, but settles by the end of the ride. We are working on getting a trot rather than a pace, and getting a canter on each lead. I can get him to canter if i let him pace quickly, and fall into a canter, so we now need to refine the transition. 

Alicia Riding Niggs.                                                 Georgia riding Niggs.


Update March 2005 - Niggs is turning out to be a lovely young horse, he can be a bit hard to catch and a little head shy sometimes but improving all the time. He is lovely to ride but is very young and inexperienced, and can jump forward into a quick pace when you ask him to go faster. I've managed to get a few small canter strides from him on the right reign, but we will work on that with time. Here are some pictures of me riding him.

On Sunday the 13th of Feb 2005, i swapped Baron for this young gelding. Niggs is a lovely natured horse, and nice to look at aswell, he is jet black, with no white on him at all. He was too young and inexperienced for his last owners, and hopefully baron will be more suited to them, as they just want a quiet horse to ride at a walk and a trot in the future, so far they have been very happy with baron. niggs is easy to float, handle, trim his feet, etc.

niggs feb 2005