~ Magestic ~ Died October 27th 2006

14hh, 19 year old, Grey Part Andalusion Mare


Magestic in April 2003                                                        Magestic in November 2003


  UPDATE NOVEMBER 2006 - Magi died suddenly at 7pm on Monday 27th October 2006.   She was fine on the Sunday Night, running around kicking up her heals with the others when dinner time came. But then Monday at about 6pm when she didn't come up to be fed, i went down the paddock where she was lying down, she stood up when i approached her, but she was not herself, and was sweating. I called the vet, who was in sugury and the nurse said he would call me as soon as he got out of surgury. She became unsteady on her feet, and kept lying down, then began breathing heavily, at about 7pm she had a seizure and died. 10 minutes later the vet called me back. It was more than likely her melonomas that killed her (she had alot under her tail) i decided against having an autopsy done, and had her burried where she died. RIP Magi, at least your last few years were good ones.


 UPDATE MARCH 2006 - Magi is going well under saddle, although she can be a bit jumpy and tends to job alot rather than walk, so i lunge her before most rides till she settles. Here are some pictures of me riding magi, the top pictures are at the canter, the lower at the trot.


UPDATE November 2005 - Magi has returned home! I'm happy to have her back and I thank Brad, Ann and Liam for providing a lovely home for the past year. Tristieen was very happy to see Magi, and they called out to each other as soon as i unload magi from the float. I look forward to working with magi again. I'll get new pictures of her soon hopefully.


UPDATE January 2005 - Magi has settled into her new home very well, much better than i had expected. She has an older pony gelding for company, and although he is older and smaller than her (in both height and width!) he is boss! She seems very happy being fed and given treats, and trying to sneak into the feed shed! I went and visited her to trim her feet, and she must have known i didn't have a round yard as she didn't want to stand still, until her head was in a bucket of food, then she was a good girl! Tony also fixed their computer that was not running well, and hopefully they will now have a nice fast computer, and a couple of pretty ponies in the paddock!


UPDATE December 2004 - Magi has now gone on lease/trial to a lovely family in whittelsea. They came to see her on 18th of December, had a ride and wanted to take her home, so they returned to pick her up on the following day, i followed them home to make sure everything went ok, and that she didn't rush out of the float or stress on arrival. She has an older grey pony for a companion, and some nice grassy paddocks with shady tree's and a stable, and i feel confident that she will be happy there, as she looked relaxed on arrival, and appeared to like her new companion, and i hope she works out to be what they wanted, but if not she can always come home to me.


UPDATE November 2004 - Magi has started to get to get a bit too fat, so rather than taking her away from her friends and putting her in a diet paddock (not that i really have one as i have heaps of grass!) i have started to free lunge her in the round yard each second day, and ride her occasionally as well. She is going great and is so fun to ride, although she is a bit head strong (to lead and to ride) and is very green, but improving all the time, she has a great big lengthened trot for her size! Here are some recient pics of her being free lunged in the round yard.


UPDATE September 2004 -  I took magi to the vet on saturday the 11th of september, as she had a tooth that was loose, and needed to be removed (as a loose tooth causes feed to compact in around the gums, causeing the gums to rot) I also took rogue with her, to be gelded. Magi was put under a light sedation, and the tooth was extracted with no problem at all, and she is recovering well from it. Time for more riding soon!!


UPDATE August 2004 -  I started to work Magi under saddle last weekend, and she went really well! I was expecting her to try to buck me off, or pig route alot, but she didn't do anything wrong. Its been about 8-10 months since she was last riden, and that was when i first started her under saddle where she did buck a bit. I did lots of ground work with her the last week, and i have been teaching her about the no bit bridle, and she is the first horse i have riden in one who has not accecpted it straight away. She does not like the head pressure the no bit bridle has, and she shakes her head alot, arguing with me about turning and stopping. I will continue to try and educated her to be riden in the no bit bridle, but with a bit also, so i can gradulally teach her what the head pressure means.


UPDATE May 2004 - On the 15th of may i took magi to the vet as she had a few drops of blood in her tail. At that time he said she was in foal with twins, and was aborting the smaller one (which is normal for horses) But there was still a faint heart beat of the remaining twin. I was giving her injections daily, and took her back to the vet and unfortunatly she has lost her remaining foal, She is doing ok, and has no sign of infection, and will recover well from it all. The vet said its very common when a mare is pregant with twins that they will abort the smaller one, and more often than not the healthy twin will also be lost. I'm just glad that she is ok and there are no complications. I now have to decide if i will try to breed with her towards the end of the year, or if i will use the service on another mare.


UPDATE March 2004 - Magestic was confirmed 17 days in foal on the 6th of March.


When i first got Magestic back in April 2003, she was thin, but had a huge wormy belly, and had lice. I had a vet check her as she had been running with a stallion, but she was not in foal, and the vet told me she was in reasonable health considering her condition, and that she has had about 4 or 5 foals recently. She was not very friendly, hard to catch, and she kicked out if you went too close to her back end. I bought her from a guy who had 30 or 40 horses, and he had to get rid of some (due to RSPCA and council complaints) so he trucked just over half of them of to the knackery, i heard of this and went straight out to see what horses were left. After a few months she is now a lovely friendly little horse.