~ Kiayro ~

15.1hh, 21 year old, Grey Anglo Arab Gelding 1982 - 2002



Kiayro was brought in Tasmania in 1992 as a 10 year old gelding who had been out of work for about 2 years as the lady who owned him, had young kids and did not have time for him. I went to see him and fell in love with him. I then had him on trial for 2 weeks where i rode him each day, and he would either bolt and throw me into a fence, or he would buck me off, i wanted him more than ever, a challenge to ride! I Did everything i could on him, and he did everything he could for me. We (Me and Kiayro) moved over to Victoria in 1994, and continued to compete, do pony club, go on hunts, he was the best horse ever. We competed in Dressage, although not very successfully! We did however compete in ShowJumping successfully, i stopped competing after i had a bad fall when i was Show Jumping 3'6", and i got distracted and he refused the jump, i went through it. He was excellent at Games, PoloCross, Eventing and Bush Racing just to name a few things. But he did have a tendancy to Bolt and Rear, but i didn't care.

Early in 2002 he injured himself, getting his leg caught in a ringlock fence, that was begining to heal nicely, when he started to loose weight, and stagger round the paddock. I got the vet out after his condition was obviously not improving. And they did a number of tests on him, and after a few days i got told he has Peritinitis Colic. They did as many tests as they could, and i would go to see him 3 times a day, to feed him in the morning with his medication, then in the middle of the day i would go and give him an oral paste, and another small feed, then at night i would go and give him an injection for pain relief, and a larger feed. After 5 weeks of this care, he was begining to improve, then a week later he began to get worse again, so i called the vet who was coming out first thing moday morning. When i got there at 7am monday morning, i arrived to see him laying down, and a bad feeling swept over me, i ran over to him, but it was too late, he was dead, the vet arrived shortly after, and asked if i would like him to arrange pick up of the corpse, i asked where his body would be taken and he said it would be taken to the blood and bone factory. There was no way i could let him go there, he was my best friend for 10 years of my life. So i called my dad who brought the tandem trailor down and we hauled his lifeless body onto it and took him to my dads property, where a large hole had been dug for him. And that is where he still rests today. I still miss him, i think i always will.


In loving memory of Kiayro or his show name "Forrbidden Territorry" (as i was the only one game to ride him!)

[OK so a few selected friends who could ride, rode him, as well as other friends being led on him!]