~ Dude ~

12.2hh, 9 year old, Taffy chestnut Gelding, Australian Riding Pony X Welsh Mountian Pony.


UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2004 - Me and Georgia went to see dude with his new family. We watch mikeala ride him at pony club, and she is a fantastic little rider, she is only 7 and rides dude so well! Dude has given them a bit of a hard time occasionally, he bucked her off once (as he was kicking at another horse) and he has also bolted once too. But thankfully they love him and are prepared to put in the work to get him going good. He has had some massage, as he was very stiff through his neck (from georgia hooning him around playing games at pony club!) but he looks better now, as he use to hold his head up really high (trying to avoid the bit) but they have taught him to work on the bit (at times) and we were amazed to see! I am SO happy that i sold him to them, as they love him as much as we do, and they take just as good or better care of him than we did! its such a relief, as i hate selling horses, but its ok when they are at a nice place and being loved.

   Mikeala riding Dude 5th September 2004.

UPDATE JULY2004 - Dude is now sold to the family who had him on trial for the last month. They are doing well with him, and think he will be very suitable for them. I'm just so glad he has gone to a nice family where he will be loved and taken care of and spoiled occasionally!

UPDATE JUNE2004 - Dude is now out on trial to a lovely horsey family for a 7 year old girl who is a very good rider. I took him down to them on saturday the 5th of June 2004, and i hope it works out for them and dude, as he has been a great little pony for us, and i couldn't have found a nicer family to love and spoil him as we did! But if that dosn't work out, then he can come home and be a lawn mower again!!


UPDATE MAY2004 - Dude was on page 158 of the May horse deals magazine. I had some people come out to see him, and he was a naughty for some of them so unsuitable. I have been telling people he is not a bomb proof quite beginners pony, as he is a forward moving pony who requires a competant rider to bring out the best in him, but he excells at jumping and games as he is very quick on his feet.

UPDATE APR 2004 - Dude will be appearing in the May 2004 Horse Deals. As Georgia is growing, she has outgrown him, and will soon be too big to ride him at all. He is for sale and is wasting in the paddock, so i thought i would advertise him to try to find him a good home, as he is a great pony. Georgia Rode him over Easter.

UPDATE FEB 2004 - Dude got taken to pony club for the games day on the 15th of February. It was a very hot day at least in the high 30's. Georgia and Dude had a great day playing games, the picture above is of them playing one of the games, They finished of the pony club day with a swim on horseback in the dam.

UPDATE JAN 2004 - Well dude is back home! He went out on trial for a month. But as he is a forward moving pony and not a totally bomb proof pony (as i pre-warned them before the trial) he was unsuitable for a 4 year old. But they recomended to me that he would be an excellent second pony, for a child 7 or 8 years old.

Dude was bought in April of 2000 as a 5 year old gelding, for my sister Georgia to ride. He is a lovely little pony and a real kids pony, you can do anything to him and he just puts up with it, but in the paddock he likes to be boss! He was bought from a horse dealer, who had purchased 7 ponys from a lady to re-sell, and they were the 7 dwarfs, He was Doppy, but he is far from being a doppy pony so georgia decided on a name for him... Dude it was! They have had the last 3 years at pony club competing at grade 5 eventing, dressage and show jumping. Georgia is now outgrowing him and has a new horse to ride, so we are considering putting him up for sale, but only to a home approved by us where we can visit him, as he is a fantastic natured little pony, and great at jumping and games.