~ Canawindra Jirrah ~ (Candai) ~

14.2hh, 20 year old, Buckskin and White Pinto Mare, Arab x Standardbred

  UPDATE MARCH 2006 - Candai is enjoying her new home with heather, who has managed to get a rug on candai, and is working on being able to pick up her feet. WELL DONE! Here is a photo heather sent me of candai in her new group paddock with friends. Thanks Heather .

UPDATE July 2005 - Candai has now gone to her new home with Heather. She seemed rather happy in her new paddock, with her own shed and yummy feeds! Thank you Heather for providing such a lovely home for candai during her retirement years. I wish you all the best with her, and look forward to seeing her again sometime.

UPDATE January 2005 - Candai had her foal Tyrian on 30th Of october 2004. See his page for more info and pictures of him. She was very protective of him for the first few weeks, but is now settled and is not bothered if we handle him near her. She is a good mother, and has lovely foals who look to have very nice movement.

UPDATE October 2004 - Candai is due to have her foal in under 2 weeks as she is due the end of this month. Her udder has started to bag up, and it won't be much longer now! i can't wait to see this little bubba! Her coat colour looks fantastic, much darker than normal, and she is the picture of perfect health.

UPDATE September 2004 - Candai is now HUGE, and she looks so healthy and shinny, he coat is just glowing, and she has the shine and colouring of a showy palomino! (apart from the brown/black hairs in her mane and tail!)  She only had 7-8 weeks left until she gives birth to her foal. I'll have to take more pics of her to put up as she looks beautiful and VERY ROUND!! The people i got her from were kind enough to send me a photo of the stallion she is in foal to (Black 14.2hh Arab x Quarterhorse) And this next picture is of him, and a recient one of her too (6 weeks till she is due!)


UPDATE FEB 2004 - Candai is now happily living at my property, She can be wormed with a drama, and she seems to be gaining more and more weight everyday, and would now be considered only slightly underweight, but that is to be expected for a mare in foal, with a foal at foot. Her top line has come up, and she is rounded accross her rump and shoulders, there are a few ribs that can be seen, but she now looks healthy and happy! Althought the amount i feed her  now is HUGE! (i have kept slowly increasing her feeds) And she is now registered with the pinto society as "Canawindra Jirrah" the on her pedigree papers

UPDATE JAN 2004 - Candai is now confirmed in foal for a late October 2004 foal, She had been served to a black Arab x Quarterhorse Stallion prior to my purchase. She is still a bit jumpy, but i can now brush the majority of her body, and catch her without many hastles. She is a little funny about picking up her feet and touching around her back end, so i may not be able to rug her for the beginning of winter, as i don't want to get a kick in the head!

I bought Candai (she was named Buttercup) at the start of December from a friend of a friend, who was having trouble handeling her. They bought her site unseen, and when she arrived to them she had lice and was in shocking condition, and she had 6 weeks to go till she had her foal, they had a vet check who told them the foal would not survive, and that the mare should be an RSPCA case. She was then fed vitamins, was wormed, and was washed to remove any lice. They only had her for a couple of months, she had her foal, and they decided to find a new home for both of them, as they were having a child themselves. I Picked the 2 of them up late one saturday night, and she loaded on the float fine, but her 3 week old foal (who i named Rogue) was not to keen on the whole idea, but we eventually got him on (see his page for more details)  Then i drove home very slowly.