~ Baron ~

15.2hh 16 year old, Bay Thoughbred Gelding.

Baron a month after i first got him (July 2004)

Update February 2005 - Baron has gone to a great new home where he will teach a lady to ride after many years of not riding. She wanted a quiet horse to just walk around on, and maybe trot in a few months, and i think baron will be highly suited at this role. After seeing and riding him on the saturday, they wanted baron straight away, so i took him to them on the sunday. The new owners understand about his cold back and that he will buck if you push him into the canter before he is warmed up (either from lunging or plenty of riding) but they are not concerned about this, as they are not wanting to canter. Baron was swapped for a young gelding called Niggs, (with his gear, rug, bridle and saddle) who was too young and inexperienced for this lady to ride, for more infor on niggs see his page.

Update January 2005 - Baron has been great to ride lately, alisha has been riding him on weekends for me, and he is looking great, nice swinging movement, no stiffness, and seems happy to be riden. He does occasionally have a small buck if you don't lunge him before being riden, but if you lunge him first, he is a perfect gentalman to ride, he easily works in a round frame, can easily jump over small jumps, and he seems to like jumping! he has never bolted or gone any faster than he has too, as he is generally a little bit lazy, so he would be great for just about any rider who understands about cold backed horses, and someone thats prepared to lunge him before each ride.

Update November 2004 - I've been lunging and doing ground work with baron and he is now working nicely and has not bucked in a while, not even on the lunge. The following are some pics i ahve taken of him while free lunging him in the round yard. He is great to ride at the walk and trot, almost a bit lazy sometimes! and i only canter him after he is getting a bit tired so he will not buck, and he is learning not to buck now, i've very please with how he is going.


Update October 2004 - Well Baron managed to buck me off! it was my own fault though, as i usually make him hold his head up high when i ask for a canter as he can't buck like this. When i asked for the first canter, he only did a little pig route, so i thought i'd let him have his head for the second one, big mistake! he went with all 4 legs off the ground, landed and twisted, then threw in a buck and i came off! Since then, i now lunge him before each ride, and he has a buck on the lunge when you first ask for a canter, but provided you lunge him for 10 mins each way, getting a canter on each leg a few times, he then rides like a perfect gentleman. So his problem is that he is cold backed.

Update September 2004 - I have riden baron a couple more times, and each time he bucks when i first asked for a canter on each leg, leading me to believe he may be cold backed (after some input from friends and trainers) so to cure this i must build up his top line, and do up the girth slowly (over 10 mins) and lunge him before riding. Hopefully this will cure the bucking, as he does not feel stiff or sore anymore, and only bucks on the first canter of each ride.

Update September 2004 - Julie came back out and looked at Baron. She said his health has improved and he is a much better weight than last time she saw him. He is still stiff through his hindquarters, but is improved alot. He didn't try to kick the massager this time! but did stomp the ground and swish his tail to let her know if anything was stiff and sore! I am still not to push too much, but at the same time I should push a little, and if he bucks i am to push until he stops, as julie said this is a learned behaviour from him, as he is no longer hurting, but know he can buck to get his rider off, he hasn't got me off yet, but he has thrown in a few nice big powerful bucks!

Update July - I rode baron today, he went really well and is looking a much better weight with much more energy. I thought i would try to collect him up a little, and he did it really well until i asked for a canter in a round frame, and he threw in a buck. It was a decent effort, but i pulled his head up with the reigns, and squeezed him on. I got a nice canter from each lead before i cooled him off. I didn't push him too much as i didn't want to make him sore.


Update June - Julie the Horse Massager came out and massaged Baron. He is very stiff and sore all over (mainly due to being thin) and has some knots in his neck, and some huge knots in a muscle in his back legs/hips area, and that is the muscle responsible for causing horses to buck from pain when riden. But it will only cause pain if the horse is asked to engage his hindquarters fully. So thatís why he would have bucked off his last riders! He is 70% better from yesterdays treatment, and Julie (the massager) said he is fine to ride, but not to work him hard or ask for extension until he is 100% and has a bit more weight on him.

Update June - We rode Baron and he was really nice to ride, not even a thought of bucking. He was a little lazy, and also seemed a bit stiff, but he is still a bit lite weight, so hopefully he will improve as he gains weight.

This is me riding Baron in June 2004...                              This is Georgia Riding Baron in June 2004...



Baron (Baz) came to me June 5th 2004 as he has a few bucking issues and has thrown a number of riders off. He was competing quite well in eventing a year ago, about to start prelimanary, but due to the bucking has not been competed since. He is quiet to ride and handle, and i hope to be able to stop the bucking through training, massage and perhaps a chiropracter. As he looks to have very nice movement. He is Branded (MG or NO on one side and the other is too hard to read with the winter coat) so i hope to track his history and breeding too.

Baron with his Mint Green Weetherbeeta Landa Rug.