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  ~ Training & Healing ~

  Steve Brady HorsemanshipFor people who enjoy advancing their horses by educating and improving themselves
  Performance Horse Therapies - Kelley Walker, Equine Myofunctional Therapy and Bioscan Light Therapy


  ~ Photography ~

  Kayzan  Photography -
  Morrie Mathews photography -
  Derek O'Leary photography -


  ~ Studs and Aggistment ~

  Shambala Park Paint Stud Combining type, temperament and colour to produce outstanding sport horses!

Broadhangar Equestrian Center - Aggistment/Riding facilities, Kalkallo Vic. Aust. owned by Anne Greenwood

Kriad Ponies - Quarter Pony Stud that have also opened their paddocks to unwanted horses to re-home.
                       Located in Ravenshoe North Qld, Horses for sale and horses wanted.

  ~ HORSE RESCUE ~ | Horse Rescue Resources http:/

Horse Rescue Resources Description: is a horse rescue resource center sharing information and education about the rescue, rehabilitation and re-training of unwanted horses.

  Hope Farm - This is a place where abused horses both mental and physical can come to start their healing process.
  Equine Care Group - Care for abused, neglected, abandoned and unwanted horses. 
  OZ Horse Rescue -   Australian non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue and re-homing of unwanted, abused and neglected horses and horses that are to be slaughtered at abattoirs.

Project Hope Horse Rescue -   A non-profit organisation dedicated to the welfare of horses and ponies. They first began in 1973 when a concerned Val Collingwood of Wallan, Victoria, wrote into RIDER magazine regarding the number of neglected horses in Australia. The need for their existence, is still as strong now as in 1973.

  Cedar Spring Horses -  made up of a small group of caring people that endeavour to place ex-race horses (or those that have originally been bred to race) into new and happy non-racing homes.
  Brumby Rescue Group - They are a Brumby Rescue Group based in Queensland.
  Brumby Watch Australia - This is a non-profit organisation dedicated to saving an Australian icon, the brumby.
  Save The Brumbies - Jan Carter has established this charity for the express purpose of ensuring humane treatment and controlled preservation of the Australian brumby, in particular brumbies of Guy Fawkes River National Park.
  Save A Horse - Rescuing unwated and abused horses, and putting them in caring new homes.
  Horse Rescue Australia - Giving Horses a new start
  Horses with Hope - VIC based horse rescue
  Epona Pastures - VIC based horse rescue
  Little Rock Stud - Horse and Pony rescue.
  Kyes Horse Rescue - VIC based horse rescue
  DCH Animal Adoptions - NSW based animal rescue
  Clysdale Rescue - NSW based clysdale rescue.
  SCWARK - horse rescue based in QLD



  Arabians Australia - Arabian Horse Directory. Now the Arabian Horse lover is able to contact others via the Internet with similar passions. Exchange goods, services, purchase products, sell horses, or search directories

Horse Talk  - Chat comunity - It doesn't matter what your discipline is. We want to hear about it. 

  Equine On The Web -  Australia's Ultimate Online horse directory and Sales Yard.
Horses, Saddlery, Transport, Employment, Events, Agistment, Stallions at Stud, Herbalists, Farriers, etc.

CyberHorse - Everything to do with horses. 

  Horse Bazzaar - Australia's biggest horse site. Including Horse events, studs, clubs, associations?  

Horse Directoryfor everything to do with horses.

  Equusite The Ultimate Horse Resource.

Horse2Heart | Horse Stories http:/

Great Horse Stories Description: From emotional horse stories to funny ones. Equestrian experts and equine news.



  No Bit Bridles - This is a top quality bitless bridle that I used for many years before having my own made.

Country Park Herbs The largest range of premium grade herbs, supplying quality herbs and natural therapies

  Defab - for all you need to make horse rugs or do repairs.
  Horsafe - �Horsafe Flooring�  is a Recycled Rubber surface  designed specifically for equestrian purposes

Made to Order Horse Rugs - a great way to get a rug to perfectly fit your horse, reasonable priced too.

  Paddock Angels - Complete Horse & Property Services

The Horse Boutique - Many Horse Products available

   HorsePoint - Buy and sell horses and horse productsd with ease.

 Barastock Hoorse Feeds - - Horse stuff (toys, games, puzzles, books, gifts, clothing & more)



  EFA - Equestrian Federation of Australia's National Site. 

The Pony Club Association of Victoria - Links and information for all Pony Clubs in Victoria. 

Findon Pony Club - Pony Club Attended by Myself at age 20 riding Kiayro and Georgia is still a member.

 HRCAV - The Horse Riding Clubs Association of Victoria is made up of over 143 Clubs with over 3,400 individual members spread across all of Victoria, parts of NSW and the ACT. The members are made up of many and varied people; from adults who have started riding late in life or gotten back into equestrian activities after a few years off; families who want to enjoy riding together and experienced EFA competitors who use the HRCAV as a training ground for their youngsters.

Polocrosse Association of Australia - Australian body for Polocrosse

Polocrosse Association of Victoria - Victorian body for Polocrosse

Pinto's - a breed specific society for coloured horses with a base colour and white patches.

VPS - Victorian Pinto Society

Arab's - breed specific society's for arabian horses.

AHSA - Arabian Horse Society of Australia

Standardbred's - breed specific society's for standardbred horses.

SPPHAV - Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of Victoria

Standardbred Riding Group - A Riding Group based in Kilmore/Wallen.

Australian Harness Racing Online - Look up a standardbred by their brand

National Buckskin Society - a colour specific society for Buckskin coloured horses.

CPBSA - Connemara Breed Society

AMRA - Australian Mountain Racing Association - an assocation for mountain racing.

ANRA - Australian Novelty Racing Association - games on horseback



  Equine Centre - Leading the field in equine health. The University of Melbourne's Equine Centre is a division of the Veterinary Clinic and Hospital which is a department of the Faculty of Veterinary Science.   

Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre is one of Victoria's key international standard sporting facilities.    




  GLASSESONLINE.COM.AU - Discount Prescription Glasses, Spectacles & Eyeglasses Online

Wurth Ridin' Wurth Wearin' -                                                             
                      slogan horsey T's for kids and the Brigalow Country Clothing range for kids.

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