~Princess Lillian ~ (Lilly) ~

14.3hh, 11 year old (1998) Bay Standardbred Mare.

 Lilly September 2003                                                        Lilly November 2003

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UPDATE December 2009
Georgia has now borrowed Lilly for the 2009/2010 show season. They competed in the Whittlesea Show Last month and did very well, bringing home 4 prizes - Champion, 1st, 2nd and 3rd  (as shown here in photo)
  UPDATE NOVEMBER 2008 - A few photos of lilly being ridden recently.... Bitless Treeless and Barefoot!

Ridding Lilly in a rope bitless bridle bareback. (posing for a photo)

Me riding Lilly Treeless Dressage Saddle and rope bitless bridle.

Tony Riding Lilly in a Leather Bridle with rope bosal noseband

UPDATE DECEMBER 2007 - Some photo updates of Lilly and Pheonix, who are both doing very well.

The first photo is a few hours old, the second photo os a few weeks old.


UPDATE NOVEMBER 2007 - Lilly gave birth to a lovely little bay colt i have named Pheonix. She 'accidently' became pregant to Tyrian about a week before he was gelded! i did not realize that an 18 month old colt could breed, but now i no they can. I was on foal watch with her for 9 days, and i saw the birth which only took 15 minutes at 5.30am on November 17th. I will update photos of mum and bub when i can, they are both doing very well.

UPDATE JULY 2007 - I competed on Lilly in the Wyena BMW Show Jumping and we placed twice both 4th.

We also competed at the Bulla Horse Trials, placing mid field field after dressage, we took down a rail in show jumping, and then went clear in cross country to place about 10th overall out of around 30 entries.

  UPDATE JUNE 2007 - 3rd June - I competed on Lilly at the Ballarat and Smythesdale Horse Trials, and we were placing about mid field after dressage, had a fairly average test, it was freezing cold, and the ground was a bit wet and slippery, and then after a clear fast round show jumping, i got eliminated due to not passing between the finish flags, i went thru the start flags backwards instead. oops!! but we were allowed to do the cross country anyway (just for fun) and we went round clear, and in time, even thru the water jump (although there was lots of yelling and whipping!!) bugger about those finish flags or we could have placed!! next time i'll make sure i no which flags to start and finsh between!

UPDATE May 2007 -

13th May - I competed on Lilly in the Riddles Creek Combined Training (Dressage and Show Jumping) we had a fairly good dressage test and we were coming 3rd after Dressage, but during our jumping I rode her badly into the 1st fence and took down a rail, which brought us to 7th place. Below are 2 photos of me jumping on Lilly in the white bitless bridle and white treeless saddle. click either image to open in a new window. Thanks to Suzanne from kayzan photography for these and many other great photos (see links page for her website)


24th May - Attended a Clinic with Steve Brady at Greenhills Training with Lilly and during the morning session with the ground work she was being really naughty, trying to run thru me, and generally not having any manners, which really supprised me as she has been really good practicing all this at home. In the afternoon she was much better, maybe she was worn out from arguing with me all morning!!! but we has a good session of our ground work, and then had a nice ride, she did all that i asked her to do under saddle.

UPDATE April 2007 - I competed on Lilly in the Yarrambat Combined Training (Dressage and Show Jumping) we had a shocking dressage test (lilly hated working on the gravel arena) and we were close to coming last after Dressage, but after a clear jumping round well under time, we ended up coming in 4th place!

UPDATE - 18th December - I have now found a website where i can look up standardbreds history.  If you goto  AHRC Online  you can look up any standardbred by their brand number. I have been given permission by Harness Racing Australia to use this information on this website, as it is copyright. I found out that Lilly, Spirit and Harry are related! they all have the same Great Grand-Sire "Meadow Skipper"

  UPDATE 10th December - I took Lilly to the Standardbred Riders Group Trail Ride Through mount Dissapointment. The location selected was beautiful, and only about a 35 minute drive from home! even though it was over 40 degrees, it didn't feel like it in the middle of the bush, with all the shade the lovely big trees provided. I did a 12km ride with some other members of the group, and everyone was really freindly and i had a great day, Lilly was way to fat and unfit, so i got off and walked parts of the ride, also helps to stretch my legs out too! I'm looking forward to the groups next ride in January, a Beach Ride! Check out the Standardbred Riding Group Website HERE.

  UPDATE OCTOBER 2006 - I've now taken Lilly to a Show and to Horse Trials!

 On Saturday 14th October I Took Lilly in the Standardbred Classes at the Sunbury Show. 
 We Placed 1st in Led Standardbred Mare and 2nd in Ridden Standardbred Mare.

 On Sunday 22nd October I finally entered my First Horse Trials on Lilly! It was the HRCAV Silver Jubilee Championships held at Oaklands Hunt Club. We had a great day and successfully completed all 3 phases.
We had 35.4 points after Dressage, Clear in the Show Jumping and clear Cross Country with 12 time penalities
Placing 10th overall out of 23 riders, which i was more than Happy with! 

         To see the below photos full size CLICK HERE.



  UPDATE MARCH 2006 - Lilly is doing well at home, she is just in light work currently and i hope to get out to comps once i rejoin my riding club soon.

Below is a photo of me hooning lilly!!                  and Tony learning to canter on lilly.
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UPDATE August 2005 - Alicia rode Lilly in the HRCAV grade 5 Dressage Jackpot at Hidden Valley. They Placed 2nd in both tests (WELL DONE) and have pointed up to level 4.      

UPDATE July 2005 - Alicia rode Lilly in the Bendigo Navigation ride (with Susan on Niggs)  This was a great event we all enjoyed. We completed about 20 minutes overtime, and answered about half of the questions correctly, we were pleased to have completed!

(LEFT: Alicia on 'Princess Lillian RIGHT: Susan on 'Midnight Eclypse'
click on picture for a large image (opens in a new window)

UPDATE July 2005 - Alicia rode Lilly at the Whittlesea Dressage Jackpot, and they placed 5th in one test! Alicia did very well as she had very limited time to warm up and rode lilly nicely.   

UPDATE June 2005 - Alicia rode Lilly at the Bulla Horse Trials, in the grade 5 section. They were placing midfield after the Dressage, then pulled one rail down in showjumping, and in the cross country they were eliminated at the water jump, as lilly didn't want to go in (although she will go in the dam at home!) some pics from the day...

   First pic is during the Dressage test...     next pic of just before they started cross country.a

UPDATE May 2005 - Alicia rode Lilly at the Combined Training in Ballarat, in the grade 5 section. They scored 50% on there dressage test, and did a fantastic round in jumping, well under time and no rails down! The jumping round looked fantastic, it was very fast, yet controlled and well ridden. sorry no pictures were taken at this event.

UPDATE May 2005 - Alicia rode Lilly in her first show jumping competition on 15th may. They went in 2 rounds of HRCAV grade 5 showjumping at Hurstbridge, they did really well and completed both rounds with no refusals or runs outs, and just pulled 2 rails in the first round, and 1 rail in the second round, because lilly was being lazy and tried to walk some of the course!

UPDATE March 2005 - Lilly now seems completely over her stiffness. I am now riding her regularly, doing jumping and flatwork and she is doing wonderfully. Lilly is now jumping over 45cm high jumps easily, she enjoys jumping and is keen to do so. I am now going to re-train her to use a bit so i can show her.

UPDATE January 2005 - Lilly is improving with work after some time off, i did not put her in foal as i ran out of time to do so, as i sustained some injurys late 2004, and then moved house early 2005 (Details in the Nov/Dec/Jan update) So i will now start to do some stretching exercises with her to see if we can get her sound and troting and cantering correctly, rather than a half trot half canter which a riding instructor of mine calls the tra-canter!

UPDATE October 2004 - Lilly is having a few weeks off work, as she is a bit sore in her near side hind leg. She drags this leg a bit behind her a little when riden, and is not happy trotting a circle, she is slightly lame, and is not comfortable when riden, so i'm giving her some time off to heal, i think its just that she has been kicked by another horse in the paddock, and hopefully she will be fine soon.

UPDATE September 2004 - Lilly now works in a nice round frame in all gaits, her canter has improved HEAPS, and i am now working on leg yeilding and simple changes with her.

25th September - I rode Lilly at riding club, and towards the end of the lesson she was a bit stiff and sore through her hindquarters, this also happened last time at riding club, although last time she was stiff to begin with and it walked out. So i am getting a vet out to see her this week, and to check to make sure she is ok. I think it might be that at home i don't do much circle work, and i ride on grass, and at riding club its in a dressage areana, with a sandy surface, so she might be having trouble with circles and with the different surfaces.

UPDATE August 2004 - I Rode Lilly to Riding Club on Saturday the 28th of August, and then had a wonderful lesson. Lilly is now working nice and round in a walk and trot 'on the bit' in a no bit bridle! Her canter has improved again, and she can now canter a full lap of the arena without me pushing every step, and she can also canter a 20 meter circle without falling in on herself. I am so happy with how she is going.

UPDATE 22nd JULY 2004 - I rode Lilly today, and she was very full of energy, due to the oats i am feeding her, and she is looking great! We had a great ride, she was alot of fun, and we did a little bit of jumping which she is doing really well now. And then to finish off, i took her for a Run on my gallop strip! the first time i used it, and it was great fun, and I think she enjoyed it too!!

UPDATE JULY 2004 - Lilly was assessed and massaged last sunday, she is fine, and has nothing mahor wrong with her, just a few knots in the neck, probably from being broken in and trained to harness. But she is good and healthy, and full of life! She is doing excellent jumping, and her flat is beginning to improve, and she is becoming much rounder and nicer to ride too.

This is me riding Lilly.....                                      And this is georgia starting to jump lilly.

UPDATE MAY 2004 - I rode Lilly at riding club and she went very well, she is very calm to ride on the road, even with trucks and cars whizzing past at 100km/h. I got a nice canter from each leg, and also did some leg yeilding and also did some jumping over 30cm jumps, she did very well and is very nice and calm to ride and handle.

UPDATE APRIL 2004 - We Rode Lilly over the easter break, and even started to do some jumping on her, She took it all in her stride. We put a few poles on the ground which she walked over, then trotted over, then cantered over. Then we set up a very small cross bar (not much higher than a pole on the ground) and trotted and cantered over that too. She is still improving, no longer bucking, and much more even strides. More Pictures of her in the photo album and on the Riding Page, including one of her starting jumping.

UPDATE FEB/MAR 2004 - Lilly is now registered with the "Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of Victoria" (SPPHAV) with the name "Princess Lillian" so now i can show and compete on her as a registered standardbred. Lilly went very well at her first adult riders rally, leg yielding and cantering nicely.

Lilly came to me in late September 2003, as she had not grown big enough to race (as a trotter) and she came form a family who did not have time for her, and another family, who did not have room for her so i took her on. I have now done alot of ground work with her and ridden her (she had been broken in as a 2 year old) at first she bolted a little bit, but she is coming along nicely now. At first she did not understand the transitions, and she would go Walk - Running Walk - Trot - Fast trot - then sometimes do an unbalanced canter, and she would be very unbalanced, and dragging her back end behind her. Now i have got the Walk - Trot - Walk transitions nicely, and we are working on the canter transition, she does still buck a little bit when you get her cantering, but thats nothing unusual for a green horse, and she is starting to come under me nicely, all in good time!