~ Libby ~ (Sheralee Elegant Glamor Puss)

15.1hh, 6 year old (2001) Chestnut Standardbred Mare.

  UPDATE May 2008 - Libby has now gone out on free lease.

UPDATE December 2007 - Libby is doing well, just a quick photo update.


UPDATE July 2007 - I've been recieving alot of emails asking about Libby, so i thought i would put a brief descritpion about how she will test you out. The main problem with Libby is that when you are putting the saddle on she will sometimes move away and figit from side to side, but if you are firm with her and tell her to "stand up" she will behave, as i have very little trouble, but a beginner will have trouble with this (as shown on her last lease) and if she is allowed to do this she will soon try to walk into you. She is however very easy to ride, and catch, she is forward moving though, so she is not a quiet plod along type of horse, but she does NOT buck, bolt or rear.


UPDATE June 2007 - Libby came home today, she took a few minutes to load onto the float (mainly cause i dont have breach doors on my float so she must stand quietly by her self while i lift the tail gate) and stood quietly for the trip home. she is NOT suitable for a true beginner, as she tested out Sarah and Joanne and became nasty and too hard to handle for them. For me she is great to handle, but i'm very experienced, so i now recomend that Libby needs someone who is confident handling horses, and intermedite at riding, she is forward moving, but easy to ride.


UPDATE May 2007 - I took libby out to her new home today, and she loaded easily onto the float, and floated perfectly the whole drive (approx 3 hours) to her new home with Sarah and Joanne. I'm sure Sarah will have many fun rides on libby, and i wish them all the best with her.


UPDATE APRIL 2007 - Libby is going very well under saddle, and since advertising her for lease or sale, i have had so many people interested in her, and she has now found a new home, which i will take her to in a few weeks time.


  UPDATE FEBRUARY 2007 - Due to financial difficulties Amy decided to give libby back to me. I will now be putting Libby into work (as she has not been ridden in some months) and then she will be offered for sale.

UPDATE DECEMBER 2006 - Amy has now gone onto a payment plan for Libby. At the end of April 2007 Amy will own Libby. Libby looks great and is doing well. Some new photos amy sent me.


UPDATE March 2005 - Libby has now gone out on free lease to Amy from Sunbury. On Saturday the 26th March i took libby for her last ride with me. She was great to ride, not at all jumpy, as she has been in the past, she is young and still needs some work, but i think she will end up a top horse. She walked on the float very easily, and stood quietly during the drive, then was not even nervous when she arrive at her new home.    I hope amy has a great time riding libby, but if it dosn't work out she can always come home to me!

My Last ride on Libby the morning before she went on free lease to Amy.

UPDATE October 2004 - Libby is improving to ride and is becoming less jumpy all the time. She is now a very sweet natured horse who is always looking for food or a pat! Her canter is improving, but is not quiet there yet, she is now being put into work, and hopefully she will be going nicely very soon.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2004 - I have riden Libby a few more times now, she can be a little jumpy at first when you ride, as she will shy at birds or shadows, so i walk her around for 10 mins prior to getting on. Then when i get on i start to get her working in a nice marching walk, and get her to stretch her head down. After she is working round, then i ask for a trot, and keep her trotting for some time, changing directions, and keeping her thinking, then she forgets to shy at things! She is still a baby, and is getting so much more friendly in the paddock, i'm very happy with how she is going. I plan to put her into work soon, and see how much i can teach her.


UPDATE AUGUST 2004 - I rode Libby today and she was vey full of energy, and a little jumpy, so i am going to reduce the oats i am feeding her. Her shoulders have been rubbed from her rug, so i will get her a bib, and i have put a cotton rug on her. She was good to ride after she blew off some energy at a trot and a canter, i then did a little bending, and leg yeilding with her, before i ran out of daylight!



UPDATE JULY 2004 - Libby was checked and massagged During July, ans she had a few sore spots and knots in her neck (This was due to traditional breatking methods and harness racing) but she is ok, and ready to work!

This is me riding Libby......                                                Georgia Riding Libby.


UPDATE MAY 2004 - I took Libby to riding club and she was so good for such a young horse. She was a little jumpy riding on the road down there, but spooked at birds and not cars! She is nice and easy to ride, but she does lack forward impulsion, as i had to use alot of leg to get her moving, but when she is moving i can ask her to go round and she will for a short time (and thats with a no-bit-bridle!) I got a reasonable canter one way, but only 2 strides the other way, we are working on getting her canter better! She is very trainable, and has a nice nature.

UPDATE APRIL 2004 - Georgia wanted to ride Libby first, so i let her. I did a little ground work with her, to get her used to the idea of the no-bit-bridle, then let Georgia get on. She is a very quite and sensible horse, but she is not used to the traffic whizzing past! She was almost a bit too quite, as we had to ride her with a crop to get her moving. But hopefully that will improve with time (and feed!) I had a ride on her after Georgia, and she is fairly well balanced, and has not yet paced. I got her to do a very extended trot, when trying for a canter, and eventually got a nice 3 beat canter. She even started to collect up and come underneath me if I really pushed with my seat and legs, and did 2 steps leg yielding each way, and did some reasonable circle work. I think she will end up being a nice riding horse. More pictures of her in the Photo Album and on the Riding Page.

Libby (was named lilly, but i can't have 2 Standardbred mares called that!) came to me from a standardbred stud on the 4th of April 2004. She was bred to be a Pacer, out of a Mare called 'Olivaron', by a Stallion called 'Another Bart'. She is broken to harness and saddle, but when pacing at high speeds she knocks her knee's together, so was unsuitable to be raced, and had an uncertain future ahead of her. I went and picked her up from Near Geelong, and brought her home, and considering she had only been in a float once in her life before, she walked on rather easily, and floated without a drama with whole way home. She is an attractive looking horse with a star and a sock.

                                                 6th April 2004.   Libby a few days after i got her.