~ Ice ~

 14hh 2 year old (2004) Taffy Quarter Horse Gelding.

  UPDATE January 2008 - Ice has now found a new home with heather. 


  UPDATE December 2007 - Ice is turning into a lovely little horse, he is becoming easy to handle, although does startle easily. he is now able to be caught in the paddock so no longer wears a halter. A few photos of him....



  UPDATE June 2007 - I had Ice in my round yard for 5 days and during that time i managed to lightly halter train him, i put a new softer and larger green halter on him, and i can now catch him (sometimes after a few laps of the paddock, but that will only get better) and I can lead him from a meter or so in front of him, i will start to teach him to be led from the shoulder in the next few months. He is a very smart little fella, and i was very happy with how quickly he learnt about leading, and having me touch all over his body and i even started to pick up his legs, but it will be a while longer till i am able to trim his hoofs.

a few photos of ice in my round yard when i was working with him.



  UPDATE February - Fire and Ice are both looking alot healthier, the big wormy bellies have gone, and most of the ribs are not showing anymore (not that you can see them much in the photos below) and i can now pat their nose while they are eating a hard feed, and they are becoming less frightened of me everyday. I'm getting some stock panels to make a yard, so i can have an enclosed area to work with these 2 before i go much further.


  UPDATE 22nd December - Photos I took while sitting next to them eating hay and a small hard feed, I'm just getting them use to me being around, i'm not trying to touch them at this point, just showing them i mean no harm, they are babies and are very scared of everything at this point. click on any image to open a larger version in a new window.


Ice is wearing the white halter.


Thursday 21st of December   i made a journey to pick up 2 young quarter horses which i had aggreed to buy site unseen, as they were meant to go to the knackery a few days previous, but were held for me for a few days, as i couldnt get there strait away, only knowly that they are completely unhandled. When i went to pick them up i took some sedititive shots, some wormers, and halters. on arrival they were put into a crush, where we could sedate them, worm them and get halters on them. then we ran them onto the horse float (at the end of some yards) got the horse float secured, and drove them home. When i got them to my place, i drove into the paddock i was putting them in, let the back of the float down, and opened the front doors to encourage them to go off. Now starts the fun part of earning their trust.