~ Haramas (Harry) ~

16.1hh, 10 year old (1997) Brown Standardbred Gelding.


November 2006                                                            June 2007      

UPDATE - December 2007 - I am now ridding harry 1-2 times a week and all is going very well.

just a quick photo of him in just a rope halter.

UPDATE - November 2007 - Harrys back is now much better and i am beginning to ride him again and he is being a lovely quiet gentalman to ride, hopefully all will continute to go well as i put him into work. Photos and updates will be coming when i find the time to do so (sorry i'm just always flat out with working and riding!)

UPDATE - 24th September 2007 - Harry has now come home, as he started to go backwards in his training and Nikki did not know why. Now that he is home, i can see that his back is sore from a saddle. I checked that it fit him to start with, but after putting on topline muscle and changing shape, it must have started to create pressure points, i'm giving him 4-6 weeks rest, with massage treatments to heal his back then i will start to ride him again once he is sound in the back, and he will be offered for free lease or sale around November.

UPDATE - 28th July 2007 - Harry has now gone out on free lease to Nicki from Beaconsfield. I wish them all the best together, and i'm sure they will learn together (new photos will be updated shortly)

UPDATE - 24th June 2007 - We are now getting a fairly nice trot on the flat and uphills, but when going downhill he tends to fall back into pace, but so far so good, soon we will be starting on the canter, and perhaps jumps.

UPDATE - June 2007 - Harry is now going well under saddle is is a nice healthy weight, he does pace under saddle but i am doing lots of circle work and walking over poles to get him use to moving naturally rather than the pacing he has done in harness for many years, he is a lovely natured horse, and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He is available for free lease or sale to the right home, would prefer a knowledgable home to take him further.

here is a photo of his hoof, as you can see they are looking really good now.

and hear is a photo of harry, his shoulders are a bit rubbed from a rug, but he is looking great!

UPDATE - 13th April 2007 - Harry is looking like a different horse, he has gained heaps of weight, although still needs a few more kilos to cover all his ribs, but his rump is now rounded, not sunken in, and his backbone now has some flesh around it, so i am now starting him under saddle, he is doing very well so far, but he does tend to try and put his tounge over the bit sometimes.

UPDATE - 27th December - A vet from Kilmore Equine Clinic came out and sedated Harry on 19th december so that my horse dentist michelle could complete his teeth. He had some sharp points that were over 1cm long, and it took alot of effort of michelles behalf to get them even, he will need a check up in 6 months. Now he should be much more comfortable, and he started to gain weight as soon as his teeth were done. The vet also gave me some powder to put in his feed for 5 days, as he had a bit of a snotty nose, which she said was a slight respirtiry infection, 3 days on the medication, the runny nose cleared up, and he is looking much happier and he even canters round the paddock sometimes!

UPDATE - 18th December - I have now found a website where i can look up standardbreds history.  If you goto  AHRC Online  you can look up any standardbred by their brand number. I have been given permission by Harness Racing Australia to use this information on this website, as it is copyright. His brand number is s3971397, his racing name was Haramas, and he won over $5000 in prize money from 23 starts. His foaling date is 1st Sept 1997, His Sire: Golden Greek USA, and his Dam: Gladness. The best thing i found out was that Lilly, Spirit and Harry are related! Harrys Dams, Sires, Sire is Meadow Skipper, Lillys Dams, Sires, Sire is also Meadow Skipper so they have the same Great Grand-Sire!

Harrys feet are starting to look much better now, and he is starting to look a bit more comfortable when he walks. His feet are still far too short, as he has very little wall, but it will slowing grow thru and he will have lovely big hoofs. he is still too sore to stand on 3 legs for more than 10 minutes, so i switch which hoof i am trimming often, and soak his feet in home made hoof boots for at least an hour every second day (i try to daily)

UPDATE - 12th December - My Horse Dentist Michelle came out to see Harry today, he had some very sharp and long edges on his teeth, and after a few minutes he became restless backing up and throwing his head up. So we have decided its best to sedate him to fix up his teeth, as it will take some time. So in a weeks time the vet will come out and sedate him so that the dentist can fix up his teeth, then he can start to pu on some weight!

UPDATE - I have now decided on a name for him ... Harry... he is starting to look more alive, and he even had a trot round the other day, but he is rather lame, probably just due to bad hoofs, they will come good in time!

some new photos of this brown gelding.  (click to open a larger image in a new window)


and some photos of his front hoofs on arrival.


This brown gelding is very thin and wormy. Standing at around 16.1hh he only weighs 430kgs which is at least 150kgs underweight. i'll get better ones tommorrow that hopefully will show his condition. All his ribs show, his hips are sticking out, and he has no muscle on his topline at all.

This gelding is a big gental giant, he self loads on the float, and he holds his hoofs up for me to trim them. he dosn't have a nasty bone in his body (and i can see most of his bones).

So far i have wormed this gelding with no problems, and started to trim his front hoofs to even them up as the left heel of each hoof is much longer than the right. He has a been there done that attitude, and is a pleasure to handle. I'm not going to do anything with him until he puts on at least 70kgs..

Next i have to book an appointment with my horse Dentist as soon as possible. This gelding is now in a private 3 acre paddock with his 2 friends, and they will remain there for the next 10 days, so they can be wormed and start to get healthy before they go in with my other horses.


Late on Thursday 30th November 2006, i recieved an email from a friend telling me about a group of nice standardbred horses who were scheduled for a trip on the meat truck saturday. I made a few calls, and went down to see them first thing friday (which was luckily a Rostered Day of at Work!) I selected 3 of the horses, and aggreed to pay slightly above meat prices for them, and rushed home to get my float, and some money. A few hours later i returned to pay for all 3 horses and pick up the smaller 2 standardbred mares, and i told him i would be back first thing saturday to pick up the gelding. The mares loaded on the float easily, and travelled home quietly, the next morning i returned to pick up the gelding, and he couldn't get on the float fast enough, i felt terrible about the other horses standing in the yards, a few had horrible injurys, but others could have been........................ i can't save them all, especially with feed prices so high.