~ Grace ~

15.3hh, 6 year old (2001) Black/Brown Standardbred Mare.


UPDATE - 19th May 2007 - Grace has now found a new home, I delivered to to Kat in Woodend today, she loaded onto the float very easily, and stood wuietely the whole drive there,  i wish kat all the best with grace, and i'm sure they will do well together, as i've been walking, trotting and cantering her under saddle regularly for the last few weeks.

a photo of graces hoofs (compare this to below) and a photo of her the day she left.



UPDATE - 13th April 2007 - Grace is now going quietly under saddle. She is walking and trotting around very quietly, and getting her balance (almost ready to canter under saddle) the only thing she does not like is a noseband. If you have a noseband on her she will grind her teeth unless its done up loose. Her hoofs are in nice condition, as is she.


UPDATE - 27th December - Grace is putting on some weight and starting to look good. Her feet are now starting to look better, and her walls are starting to grow thru nicely, she still needs to put on more weight before i start to get on her back, as her spine does not have any muscle around it, and needs some to support the weight in a saddle. I've saddled her a few times, and walked her around, stood on a create next to her and leaned across her back (only putting a small amount of weight on her) and she has stood very quietly, taking it all in her stride. below is a photo of me standing on a create behind grace, who has a saddle on. click on the image to open a larger image in a new window.



UPDATE - 18th December - I have now found a website where i can look up standardbreds history.  If you goto  AHRC Online  you can look up any standardbred by their brand number. I have been given permission by Harness Racing Australia to use this information on this website, as it is copyright. Her brand number is s2011727, and she never raced, Her foaling date is 22-Oct-2001, and she is registered in NSW (all my others are registered in VIC)Her Sire: Keystone Gondola USA, and her Dam: Mattancheri.  


UPDATE - 12th December - My Horse Dentist Michelle came out to see Grace today, she had some sharp edges and some old baby caps stuck between teeth. She was very well behaved, stood still for her teeth to be worked on.

UPDATE - I have now decided on a name for this mare ... Grace.. She is very friendly always walking up to me in the paddock, and she has a beautiful big trot and even canters 'normal' in the paddock. She is very bossy towards other horses, but very people friendly. She has already put on some weight and her cuts and scratches are healing.

A few new photos of this black mare.  (click to open a larger image in a new window)


and some photos of her front hoofs on arrival.....

This black mare is rather thin and wormy. You cant see very well in these photos (i'll get better ones tommorrow) but most of her ribs are showing, and her hips form a slight triangle over her rump, and her wither looks high as there is no muscle around it. She only weighs approx 400kgs which is too lean for her size.

She is a sweet natured horse, no nastiness, and so far reasonably easy to handle and work with. I think she is just happy to have food, little does she know how lucky she is to be alive.

So far i have wormed this mare with no problems, and started to teach her to have her front feet trimmed. Her hoofs are very short, chipped and uneven. She wanted to try and walk forward and wiggle her leg while i was working on her hoof, but after 10 minutes she stood still for me to start to even her front hoofs up.

Next i have to teach her to stand still for the dentist, and book an appointment with my horse Dentist as soon as possible. This mare is now in a private 3 acre paddock with her 2 friends, and they will remain there for the next 10 days, so they can be wormed and start to get healthy before they go in with my other horses.


Late on Thursday 30th November 2006, i recieved an email from a friend telling me about a group of nice standardbred horses who were scheduled for a trip on the meat truck saturday. I made a few calls, and went down to see them first thing friday (which was luckily a Rostered Day of at Work!) I selected 3 of the horses, and aggreed to pay slightly above meat prices for them, and rushed home to get my float, and some money. A few hours later i returned to pay for all 3 horses and pick up the smaller 2 standardbred mares, and i told him i would be back first thing saturday to pick up the gelding. The mares loaded on the float easily, and travelled home quietly, the next morning i returned to pick up the gelding, and he couldn't get on the float fast enough, i felt terrible about the other horses standing in the yards, a few had horrible injurys, but others could have been........................ i can't save them all, especially with feed prices so high.