~ Fire ~

 14hh 4 year old (2004) Chestnut Quarter Horse Filly.

UPDATE FEB 2009 - Fire has now been sold, and i wish her new owner all the best with her.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 2008 - I'm starting to do work with fire to head towards starting her under saddle, she is highly sensitive, and very reactive, she will lower her head and relax when asked to as shown in the first photo, but when i first put a saddle on her back, and did up the girth loosly, she went bronc style all hoofs off the ground a few times and then reared a few times, and then started to listen to what i was asking her to do, which was just to walk forward and stop when asked. I'm going to take things slowly with fire, and work mainly on desensitising.


This photo was taken while i was working with fire and pheonix came up to see what was going on! and then he proceded to follow us around, coping what we did!

  UPDATE December 2007 - Fire is now able to be caught in a paddock so no longer wears a halter, she is doing well with leading and being handled, just now working on getting her to stand while i handle her back legs. Here are a few photos of her in the paddock. I'll probably give her another year before starting her under saddle.



  UPDATE JUNE 2007 - I had fire in my round yard for a little over a week, and during that time i loosened her halter, as it was getting tight on her growing head, and i taught her to lead, lunge at the walk, and get handled over most of her body, but i havn't yet started to pick up her legs as she is still very jumpy and its going to be a long road to teach this filly that i'm not going to do anything to hurt her. Even though i still cant catch her or properly lead her, i decided to leave it there for now, as she was occasionally trying to run thru or go under the round yard to get away from me, and i didn't want her to hurt herself. I can now stand nest to her hard feed and pat her on the shoulder and neck, and in a few weeks i'll do another week of training in the round yard.


  UPDATE February - Fire and Ice are both looking alot healthier, the big wormy bellies have gone, and most of the ribs are not showing anymore (not that you can see them much in the photos below) and i can now pat their nose while they are eating a hard feed, and they are becoming less frightened of me everyday. I'm getting some stock panels to make a yard, so i can have an enclosed area to work with these 2 before i go much further.


  UPDATE 22nd December - Photos I took while sitting next to them eating hay and a small hard feed, I'm just getting them use to me being around, i'm not trying to touch them at this point, just showing them i mean no harm, they are babies and are very scared of everything at this point. click on any image to open a larger version in a new window.


Fire is the one in the purple halter.


Thursday 21st of December   i made a journey to pick up 2 young quarter horses which i had aggreed to buy site unseen, as they were meant to go to the knackery a few days previous, but were held for me for a few days, as i couldnt get there strait away, only knowly that they are completely unhandled. When i went to pick them up i took some sedititive shots, some wormers, and halters. on arrival they were put into a crush, where we could sedate them, worm them and get halters on them. then we ran them onto the horse float (at the end of some yards) got the horse float secured, and drove them home. When i got them to my place, i drove into the paddock i was putting them in, let the back of the float down, and opened the front doors to encourage them to go off. Now starts the fun part of earning their trust.