~ Clone ~

14.3-15hh,  7 year old (2002)

QuarterHorse X Anglo, Chestnut Overo Paint Gelding.





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 To view Clones Pedigree CLICK HERE to see his whole family tree diagram.

 To view a Poster i have made showing photo's of clone as he has grown CLICK HERE

UPDATE December 2009
Clone is very well and has had a bit of a holiday of late! But now coming back into work now.
Here are a few photos taken today, just grooming, trimming hoofs and walking in hand with a saddle on.
Today i was using rope halters and my synthetic 17inch Dressage cut treeless saddle.

UPDATE June 2005 -

On the 11th of May I had Kelley Walker from Performance Horse Therapies come out to do a bioscan session on clone. (please see the links page to visit kelleys website for information about Bioscan) 

He was stiff bending to the left, and had a knot in his neck on the right side, and he was be uncooperative under saddle when asked to turn left or canter on the left lead. after the bioscan session kelley she explained to me that he had reading (therefor damaged tissue) all thru the right side of his body, and she thinks this would be due to a fall int he paddock onto his right side, which would explain the not wanting to stretch left problem. A few days after this treatment, the knot is his neck went away, and he started to bend both ways easily again.

On the 23rd May i attended a Clinic with Steve Brady at Greenhills Training with Clone, he was great in the morning on the ground with all the in hand work, as i've been practicing this at home from the information i learnt from watching his clinic early 2007 (and i bought his book which i HIGHLY recomend to everyone) but in the afternoon when it came to the ridding session, he would not listen to me, and kept bending to the outside looking around outside the arena the whole time, so we need to work on our ridding techniques a bit!!

  UPDATES MARCH 2006 - Clone is going along very quietly under saddle, i hope to get someone to take pics of me riding him again shortly. For now here's a pic of him eating!

UPDATES November 2005 - Clone is now going along nicely under saddle, he walk trots and canters easily from voice commands, as well as from leg and hand aids. I am only riding him in a bitless bridle for now, although i do put a synthetic apple bit in his mouth when i ride him sometimes, but i don't ride from it. Here are some new pictures of him.

   Clone in the paddock with his fly mask/nose protector on. click photo for a larger image.

   Me riding clone (with a fly mask on) first at the trot, and second at the canter.



UPDATE April 2005 - A photo of me on clone, not riding, just siting and walking for now.

UPDATE April 2005 - Clone is now standing at 14.3hh with a nice solid build for a 2 year old, he is going to fill out just lovely as he gets older. I'm begining to start clone under saddle, but no real riding for a few more months, until he is 3 years old. He is very calm and takes it all in his stride. Nothing seems to bother him and he is such a pleasure to own and train, here are a few pics of him, he looks so cute with a saddle and no bit bridle on!


UPDATE January 2005 - Clone has grown is height and length and has put on lots more muscle. He is a great horse to handle in every way, easy to catch, trim his feet, lead and only a few more months and he will be started under saddle, which i'm sure will not be any problem as he is a very sweet natured horse. He is best friends with Rogue, and Tyrian always comes to play with him, but i don't think clone likes tyrian idea of playing... biting him!

UPDATE JUNE 04 - Clone now has alot more colouring coming out in his coat, He now leads well, and is a very friendly little fella, Him and rogue are always bolting round the paddock and playing. 

UPDATE APR 04 - I have now started to teach Clone to lead properly from the Shoulder, and have started doing some ground work and lunging with him, only about another year till i can start to ride him! 

UPDATE FEB 04 - Clone is now at my Property and getting to know me and my other horses, he is a lovely little fella, with a fantastic nature, and very nice movement. He now wears a fly mask and nose protector in the hot weather to protect that precious pink nose and partially blue eyes, he loves to wreck the fly masks! I have also got him a cotton rug and a lined canvas rug, but he dosn't wear them yet as its still to warm. He is now getting use to me, and dosn't mind me picking up his feet, and brushing him all over while he eats. At first he did not like me anoying him while he ate out of a bucket on the ground, but he was much happier when i held the bucket up for him. He has made friends with Rogue my foal, and Evanda a friends 2 year old gelding who is staying with me.

I purchased Clone from Shambala Park Paint Stud (a link to their website is on my links page) And he will be my next champion! I have admired this horse ever since he was born on Saturday 30th November 2002.

His Dam, Shambala Rose is a Palomino Mare, by Shambala Studs stallion 'skeet' out of a cremello Quarterhorse/ASH mare 'Colrondo Silver Chex' (aka Frankie) who was by the QH stallion Murrumbo Gold Chex.

His Sire, "Shambala Top Hat and Tails" is a registered Pain Horse Stallion, and clone looks just like him, hence the name!