~ Billy ~

16.2hh 14 year old (1992) Chestnut Thoughbred Gelding.


   june 2004                                                       august 2005      

 Update August 28th 2005 - Yarrambat Pony Club Horse Trials.
Georgia competed on Billy in the Yarrambat Horse Trials, Pony Club Grade 4. After an average Dressage test, they went clear in Show Jumping and on Cross Country to place 6th!
Click on the lower 2 pictures for larger images. (during the Cross Country Phase)
                  Georgia and Billy with their 6th place ribbon.

Update August 21st 2005 - Findon Pony Club Horse Trials.


Update August 2005 - some photos of georgia at pony club on billy.


Update July 2005 - Georgia had a lesson on Billy (with Susan on Rosie) at the AEBC (Andrew Mcleans Place) with Charlotte. We both learnt heaps, and will be practicing and going again sometime in the near future, as just one lesson with them makes such a big difference!

Some Pictures of Georgia Riding Billy, During the lesson in the Indoor arena.

Update April 2005 - Georgia had a great day riding billy at pony club on the 3rd of April. Billy started out a little sore footed on the harder parts of the arena, but that only lasted a few minutes. Then they went on to have some flat, cross country and show jumping.lessons and did really well, but you can see that in the pictures below! Thanks to a little massage, some good hoof care and barefoot trimming, this once lame retired horse is back in full swing!

Update March 2005 - Billy is now completely sound and his feet are in great condition! i took him to my feb riding club rally, and he went really well, could easily trot and canter in the arena, on a 20 meter circle, and smaller too. he is now georgia's pony club horse, i took him down to pony club march rally where they held an internal gyncarna. georgia had a wonderful day with billy, winning herself a few ribbons, and starting jumping grade 5, and finishing jumping grade 2. i think they will do very well together, and georgia is very excited about having him to ride.

me riding Billy at my Feb Riding Club Rally.


Update January 2005 - Billy is very close to being completely sound now, i can ride him for a few hours without any sign of lameness, he works in a lovely round frame, and is just so comfortable to ride! He no longer bobs his head, and his hoofs are looking great now, almost all grown out and with nice strong well shamped hooves. Georgia hopes to take him to pony club sometime soon to start having flat lessons on him, and perhaps try some jumping, and if he holds up to it then she will have a fantastic new pony club horse, and sasha can start to be retired from jumping, and just be the trail riding and show horse. I am going to take him to my next Riding club to see how he goes in an arena.

Update October 2004 - Billy is still improving, but also still slightly lame on courners, so he can not be riden in an arena yet. He now has some flexion through his back and neck both sides which is great, and he is great to ride in the straight lines, but i bring him back to a walk for every courner, as i don't want him limping while i'm on him.

Update September 2004 - I rode Billy and after 30 minutes of riding he was not lame, so thatís huge proof that the massage is definitely working! I didnít ride him hard, and I mainly asked for long low head carriage to stretch his back and neck, but did a little work in a round frame, just to see how he would go.


His flexion to the left was great, as was his left canter lead, but he was a little stiff turning and flexing to the right, and his canter on the right was uneven, stiff and bouncy. He was a little uneven when trotting a large circle or corner to the right, and very slightly uneven to the left. His straight lines were good, and he didnít feel at all uneven on the straight, except for I could feel him dropping his left hip. So things are looking up for this wonderful horse!


by the end of september we could ride Billy for a full hour, and he did not go lame! He looks much happier bolting round the paddock, and is full of life to ride! He is improving with every ride.

Update September 2004 - Julie came back out and massaged Bill again. She said his health has improved, he is looking a beautiful healthy colour, and a much better weight. He is so much better than last time, and she worked on his whole body, including cranial work. She also got me to walk and trot him around, then she showed me how uneven he was, and how he improved after. He is now much better, and Julie want me to put him into light work, as then the injury will show itself more, and she can concentrate on it. I am only to ride for short times and i am not to do any small circles (so no riding in an arena) and not to turn left sharply, as he is stiff that way. I am also to do lots of long and low work to stretch his back and neck, and i am to warm up his neck with a light massage before and after each ride.

Update July - I Had Julie Peeler the Horse Massager out... Billy does NOT have a shoulder injury!!! its some pulled muscles in his neck, and a heap of knots in his neck, back, and Poll (due to him holding himself funny when injured) which she said to a vet will look like a shoulder injury and lameness! plus he has a lot of scar tissue near his wither, from a saddle in that past that did not fit him, so I will have to get him a gel pad to go under his properly fitted saddle. He does have an old shoulder injury, but she fixed that yesterday with a 15 minute massage! and she said with some treatment he will definitely come 100% sound!! I was SO happy, its very excitingÖ i feel so great to have been able to help this guy! And she said not to ride him at all, not even any ground work until he is better. (that ok!)

Update June - We rode billy to see what he is like and how lame he is, and he is great to ride, he really knows his stuff as i had him half passing accross the paddock, but after about 20 minutes trotting he then began to show signs of being lame. He was still ridable, but we stopped as i want to try to get him better with some massage.

Billy came to me on June 5th 2004 as he has a shoulder injury that is not healing. He was Eventing at EFA high levels successfully 2 years ago when he hurt himself, and he was bred to be a champian show jumper. He is very quiet to ride and handle, and can be lightle riden, but goes lame in work. I hope with some massage, a vet check and a chiropracter i will be able to heal him, or at least make him a little bit more comfortable to be lightly riden. He is Branded on both shoulders (M3~ and 65/1) and i hope to track down his history, and breeding.