What I Do Besides Horses And Riding And all things Horsey!

Welcome to my page that says everything about what i like to do when i am not with my horses.a

I work as a Stable Hand / Rider and have done so for about 2 years (2006-2008) I have done almost all types of jobs from 1997 working as a factory hand, 1998 working for the Reject shop, 2000 working as a Security Guard, 2002 working in an office with data entry, 2003 working in software testing, 2004 working as an electricity meter reader.

I also have 2 marema puppies, well they are now 4 years old (AUGUST 2008) but still act like puppies!

Body Art.


This is my tattoo.

Its on my left shoulder blade.

This photo is about the actual size.

I also have a number of scars, horse and stupidity related!

And i have 5 ear piercings, 2 in each ear lobe, and one in the top of my right ear. but i rarely wear any jewelry at all.

Weight Training and Gym workouts.

From the Age of 16 i have been activley involved in training doing weights, although now i don't have time to attend a gym and i do have a gym at home (although it collects dust, and i hang my bridles and horse rugs on it!) and i also own a bunch of free weights (which are currently under a heap of feed bags and other stuff!) I have gone to a number of gyms as i was growing up and moving house, and i have also had a personal trainer, who never worked me hard enough! I hope once i have my property set up, and i am a bit more organised, that i can start doing weights again.


I have a great set of Rollarblades, even if they are missing a wheel, cause i need a new axle! I love going rollarblading down along the beach front, as there is a lovely pathway there for it. I'd love to have a go on a half pipe on them, but i don't want to break bones or look like a fool in front of anyone who happens to be nearby!!

Kickboxing, Boxing

I First started doing Boxing when i was 16, Then at the age of 18 i did a hybrid cross of martial arts and kickboxing for a while, then at 20 i decided to do Muay Thai Kickboxing which i loved as it uses Knee's and elbows as well as punches and kicks. Unfortunitally i no longer have time to do this with a club as the class timetable does not fit in with my busy lifestyle. But i have a kickboxing bag at home i love to use! And i hope in the future to get myself a speed ball, as i love having a hit on them, its great fun, and i'm quite fast at it!

Night Clubs, Raves, Partys, Pubs, Bars and other Entertaining Venue's!

I love going out and dancing all night, At any of the above mentioned places, infact i am usually up to going out just about anywhere, when i have time to that is. I love to have a couple of Beers, or bourbon and cokes, or Vodka and Orange Juice or a cocktail or shot! But i have learnt my lesson as a teenager, and don't drink excessivly anymore!

 The setup for my Birthday in August 2004.
A great night with a bunch of friends and family, LOADS of alcohol!! and fun times had by all :)

Movies, Cafe's, Dinner's, Social Outings

I also love to go and catch up with friends as often as i can, but i usually have to plan it months in advance with all my horsey activities taking up most of my time! Having a coffee and a chat at a Cafe, or going to see a movie, or going out to dinner or any other type of social activity that someone may suggest. I like to be very socially active.


I love going up to the Alpine Mountains and going skiing, i hope to try snow-boarding one day soon, but for the moment i'll stick with skiing as i am fairly good at it and don't look to foolish (i would look silly learning to snowboard!) I have been to Falls Creek, Mount Hotham, and Mount Bulla, and i always like to stay on the mountain so i can ski to and from my door! Unless of cource i only go for a day trip! then i ski all day long, till i nearly miss the bus home! I hope to go to New-Zealand to go skiing some-year soon, when i have time and money to that is!

 Me snow ski-ing up at Mount Bulla August 2004.