Hello My name is Susan and i have a passion for horses.

I am only a single person doing what i can for a few horses.


I do not believe there are any horses that are mean or nasty, some of them might act this way, but it is usually only due to bad experiences they have had with people - neglect, abuse, or incorrect handling. I believe that there are no horses that should be put down, unless it is due to ill health to put the horse out of pain and misery. Even some things a vet says a horse must be put down for, can sometimes be cured with natural remodies.


I have several horses i have rescued and retrained, alot of them came to me with bad attitudes, frightened of people, head shy, some of them would bite and kick, or strike out at me, or charge at me, but with a little time and alot of effort i can earn the trust of these horses and teach them that i mean them no harm. Some of them had lice and worms when i first got them, and some were very thin and not in good health, with injurys, cuts and scratches.


I use alot of Natural Horsemanship methods for training, although i have not had any training in this, i went to the Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinic at Equitana in 2003, and found that i already use similar methods, i always use kind ways of teaching a horse to be riden, and NEVER try to "Break them in by breaking their spirit". I have riding lessons with Different Instructors, and Occasional Lessons with the Mcleans in Clonbinane.

[CLICK HERE To Visit The Australian Equine Behaviour Centre website owned by Andrew and Manu Mclean]

I choose to ride my horses in Bitless Bridles, available through my online Shop!
The rules for Showing and Dressage state you must have a bit in the horses mouth, so i use use a "french snaffle" or a "Happy mouth Bit" a flexible synthetic mouthpiece with an apple flavour. [CLICK-HERE Happy Mouth Bits]
All of my horses are barefoot, meaning that none of them have shoes nailed to their feet, as i don't believe in this, and I also Trim my horses feet by natural hoof car methods, and learnt mainly from Scott Kroeger from the Naked Hoof [CLICK HERE to visit the Naked Hoof website for more information on Natural Horse Care]
My Local Horse Vet is the Kilmore Equine Clinic, with Maxine Brain and her staff.
My Horse Dentist is Michelle Jones from Broadford.
My Horse Massager is Kelley Walker from Performance Horse Theropies (see links page for website)
I have been a member of the following....
- PHHWV (Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria)
- HRCAV (Horse Riding Club Association of Victoria)
- Pyalong Riding Club
- Standradbred Riding Group
- SPPHAV (Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of Victoria)
- Pinto Society
Here is a photo of my horse float, i'm sure its a "one of a kind!" its old, but safe and sturdy, if you ever see me out at any competitions or outings (its bright and easy to spot!) please come and say hello.

Or if you would like to know more about what i like to do besides Horses CLICK HERE